Published: 6 June 2012

Students’ involvement in staff interviews

You told us

In The 2011 National Student Survey, 76% of Management School students said they were satisfied with teaching on their course. Some commented however that staff could make their subject more interesting.

What we did

In March 2012 we piloted a new initiative, adding student representatives to the Management School’s recruitment panel.

This began with the selection of a new Economics Lecturer, with students giving their opinions about the candidates’ skills at engaging their audience.

The process was a resounding success and Management School Student Representatives are now notified by email about opportunities to sit on interview panels.

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One thought on “Students’ involvement in staff interviews

  1. inky

    The opportunity for student representatives to sit on a recruitment panel is an excellent idea and a contribution that gives balance to an interview process. I’ve no concerns about my own department as I’m a Postgrad student in my first week but it opens a dialogue between lecturers and students regarding the mode of delivery and process of learning which can only be healthy.

    I feel as students and an empowered group we would have a responsibility to feedback objectively i.e. was the learning effective. I would hate to see a drift towards ‘edutainment’ as a byproduct of the pursuit of interest and engagement.

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