Published: 6 June 2012

Students’ feedback gives food for thought


You told us

In the 2011 annual Accommodation Survey, there was a clear message that students living in catered accommodation wanted more choice and less queues at their evening meal.

What we did

In response to this, the dining room at Carnatic Halls introduced a new ‘veggie station’ and ‘grab and go’ station for students in a hurry. The salad bar has also been revamped to ensure healthy, appealing options are always available.

The opening times for evening meals have also been extended by half an hour.

Have your say

Are you a student living in Carnatic? Is there now enough choice in the dining room? Have the increased opening times helped to reduce queues? Are there other things we could do to improve the service? Let us know…

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One thought on “Students’ feedback gives food for thought


    I am doing a Masters in Product Design and Management and have to lug around a lot of stuff and notice there is lack of lockers on Campus to store items in order to minimise the load. I cycle to University which adds a further complication. The University in my opinion poorly caters for student who cycle as there are no changing rooms besidesin the Sports & leisure facility which is £190 to gain access to.

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