Published: 24 April 2013

Assessment and feedback review in Health Sciences

You told us

The 2012 National Student Survey highlighted that there was room for improvement in relation to assessment and feedback in the School of Health Sciences.

What we did

A review has taken place across the School of Health Sciences looking at the amount and type of feedback provided to students. As a result, all students now receive an assessment calendar which includes:

  • Dates for all module assessments for the year (written and practical examinations, as well as assignment submission dates).
  • Dates when feedback from assessments will be received.
  • Dates when students will have the opportunity to undertake practice practical examinations, academic writing and practice examination questions to get feedback in preparation for the module assessment.
  • Dates for support sessions for assessments.

The increase in opportunities for practice assessments and feedback is a direct result of the review, and the initial feedback received so far has been positive, with students commenting that they have found the calendars helpful.

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Have you benefitted from these changes? What further improvements to assessment and feedback practices would you like to see? Let us know…

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One thought on “Assessment and feedback review in Health Sciences

  1. Chloe Robinson

    I found the assessment calenders very useful, but the feature I found most useful was that we were given the opportunity to practice assessments with lecturers and other students. This enabled us to determine where our weaknesses were and how to rectify them before the official assessments, whilst also providing us with the motivation to revise, well before the official exam dates. I have found the lecturers to be very proactive when providing information leading up to an assignment or exam, and their willingness to contact students when they had queries or needed feedback was second to none. Big up the physio department!

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