Published: 29 April 2013

Timetables app launched

You told us

In the last CSD survey you told us that you would like to be able to access your timetable more easily.

What we did

The ‘Timetables’ app has now been launched, which enables you to view your timetable for the next seven days on mobile devices. This is available from

A ‘Timetable’ tab has also been added to the Student Digital University homepage, which gives students instant access to their timetable.

So far, the app has been downloaded over 4500 times and used more than 170,000 times. Initial feedback has been positive with users commenting on the ease of use and convenience of the app.

Have your say

Have you used the Timetables app? Tell us about any further developments that you think would be useful.

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4 thoughts on “Timetables app launched

  1. Seyi

    The app is good but I’ve noticed it shows rooms where I have lectures without the names of the building.
    A room name or number is not helpful without knowing the building it is in.

    1. Joanna (Administrator) Post author

      Thanks for your comment Seyi, I’m glad you like the app.
      Most of the building names do come up, but we’re aware that there are a small number which are not listed in the app. It’s an issue with the database rather than the app itself, and we’re hoping to solve it soon.

  2. Ally

    I love the time table app – except sometimes it doesn’t show the building of a lecture theater just its name but I can check this on spider and just use the app to remind me when I’m out and about…. the only problem is on the android version you don’t stay logged in so have to type in the username and password every time and my friends with the apple version don’t have to log in every time… I feel discriminated against (not really), but it would be nice just to have a remember my username and password feature like the digital university app does.

    1. Joanna (Administrator) Post author

      It’s great to hear you like the app, thanks Ally.
      There is an issue with the building names database which means that a small number don’t appear in the app. We’re hoping to solve that soon and are also looking into the username and password issue with Android – thanks for letting us know.

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