Published: 28 June 2013

Additional statistics support for Psychology students

You told us:

Feedback through the Staff Student Liaison Committee reported that some second year Psychology undergraduates were struggling with their statistics module and wanted more opportunities to ask questions.

What we did:

The School of Psychology worked with colleagues in Maths and the Centre for Lifelong Learning to develop a statistics support scheme for students. The School now offers a three-hour weekly drop-in session, staffed by specially trained graduate teaching assistants, which offers face-to-face statistics support for students.

The sessions have received positive feedback and now attract students from all years of the undergraduate programme. The team involved in the development of the scheme was recently invited to present at a conference focused on research into the delivery of HE Mathematic and Statistical teaching.

 Students who took advantage of the support scheme consistently applauded its availability and expressed strong desires that it be continued in future years. More significantly, two students stated that it had actually made them think again about withdrawing from their programme altogether – James Cruickshank, School of Psychology

Have your say:

Have you used the drop-in sessions? Are there any other sessions you would like to be made available?

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2 thoughts on “Additional statistics support for Psychology students

  1. Bex H

    Surely any help with stats is a good thing!! A big thank you to all the staff who gave extra time to students to help them.

    What would be the chances of a Psychology drop in? It may be more difficult due to the variety of topics, but I have always found it helpful to make a note of something I don’t quite get or want to know more about during a lecture and be able to ask questions about it afterwards.

    Lecturers have always been very accommodating, (even when it’s me…again…every lecture!) but I know it isn’t always convenient as other classes are waiting to storm the lecture theatre with profound eagerness and some students are more shy than others etc not to mention lectures who may have other commitments…so…I think it would be helpful if we could have some form of seminar possibly or drop in that is perhaps only available to students who actually turn up to lectures to prevent it becoming an excuse not to.

    1. Joanna (Administrator) Post author

      Thanks for your suggestion, Bex. If a support scheme for the wider subject would be valued by Psychology students, we’ll look into how we can extend the existing drop-in function.

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