Published: 28 August 2013

New study tool introduced in Chemistry


You told us:

In the Department of Chemistry, you told us that you would appreciate some help in getting a better understanding of complex concepts in some of your modules.

What we did:

The Chemistry department has introduced the use of online resource Peerwise to support its students in the creation, sharing, evaluation and discussion of assessment questions.

The department introduced the facility to complement the teaching which is already in place, and encouraged students to try it by introducing it as an assignment. So far, it has been used for understanding new concepts in modules such as chemical engineering in the third year of study, as well as for revision purposes.

It allows students to ask and answer their own and each other’s questions – a method which lets them reflect on what they are learning, and reinforce understanding by putting answers into their own words. It also allows students to feedback on each other’s answers.

“Peerwise has been really well received by our students and we are definitely looking to expand our use of it. This year’s module marks showed a direct correlation between those who performed well on exam papers, and those that made good use of Peerwise. It is a great tool to complement the learning experience of complex concepts – Dr Gita Sedghi, Department of Chemistry

Have your say:

Have you tried Peerwise? What did you think of it? Let us know what your experience has been.

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