Published: 13 January 2014

Exams and deadlines: Keep your cool

Students taking exams

Liverpool Guild of Students has been considering ways to ease the pressure at a difficult time in the academic calendar:

“Assessments can be stressful, whether deadlines are looming or you’re busying revising for your exams. We understand that this time of year can be particularly tough so from 13 – 23 January, we will be on hand in the Sydney Jones and Harold Cohen libraries, handing out fruit for your all-important study breaks.

“As well as our support, the libraries also want to help make things easier for you at this busy time. The Free PC Seats website has been updated and uses GPS on your phone or laptop to tell you on campus where there are free PCs and even give you directions how to get there.

“Library staff will be in the foyers of the libraries this week to promote the service and talk to you about difficulties you may be having with the facilities.

“When we feel stressed and anxious it can be easy to lose perspective, however it’s important to remember that exams won’t last forever and that all the hard work will be worth it in the long run. People have different ways of coping with exam stress and so find out what works for you – whether it’s regular exercise or simply calling a friend for a quick chat.

“Remember, there’s lots of support available, particularly if you feel you’re suffering from more than a bout of exam nerves. The following are some useful contact details for University support services which are all free and confidential to access.”

University Counselling Service

0151 794 3304

Mental Health Advisory Service

0151 794 2320

Disability Support Team

0151 794 4174

General exam enquires

0151 794 6750

LGoS Academic Advice Service

0151 794 6868

“If you feel that your exams have been impacted by mitigating circumstances, such as ill health, then you should submit a mitigating circumstances claim to your departmental office as soon as possible. The Guild’s Academic Advisers can provide advice on this procedure (see above for contact details) and you can also find more information on our website.

“We wish you the best luck with your essays and exams. Remember to take regular breaks, get some sleep, eat properly and plan how you’re going to celebrate when you’re done!”

Liverpool Guild of Students

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