Published: 17 January 2014

New PC Finder tool launches

PC Finder

You told us:

In the 2013 National Student Survey you told us that it can be difficult to find free PCs in the libraries.

At certain points in the academic year some PC Centres become busy while other computer areas still have available seats.

What we did:

The Computing Service Department (CSD) has introduced a new PC Finder tool which will help students to see where free PC seats are available.

The new model replaces an existing system and has been specifically designed to work best on a mobile. It uses the GPS location service on the device to locate where you are before displaying the PC availability in centres close to you.

It also includes a built-in map system which provides details of how to get to the centre from your current location.

If the tool is used on a mobile or PC which has no GPS or the GPS location information is disabled, the centres will be listed alphabetically.

Information about nearby centres is also being shown on the large display monitors in each of the two main libraries.

Future developments are likely to include more advanced options which enable users to filter whether or not the centre has a colour printer or particular software pre-installed, for example.

CSD and the Library are currently seeking initial user feedback before undertaking wider testing and making improvements to the system. If you would like to feedback or recommend any additional features, please contact the Computing Service Helpdesk.

More PCs have also been made available for students to use during busy times of the academic year including the lower study area in the Harold Cohen Library and the Sydney Jones Library training rooms.

Have your say:

Have you used the PC Finder? Did you find it helpful and easy to use or are there things you would like to change about it? Let us know.

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