Published: 17 February 2014

Student feedback guides improvements

Student working

The results of last year’s National Student Survey have led to a number of improvements being made across the University over the last year.

Improvements in access to IT facilities has been a top priority with the introduction of the laptop loan scheme in the libraries, as well as the new PC Finder Tool which helps students to find the nearest free PC seat on campus using a mobile phone.

The University works closely with Liverpool Guild of Students to use feedback to guide improvements, and each Faculty, School, Institute and Department makes improvements every year in response to student views. Below are just a few examples of how the University has used feedback to improve the student experience:

  • The School of Psychology has piloted online coursework submission and feedback. The response from the pilot was extremely positive, and the scheme has now been extended to first year Psychology students.
  • The School of Veterinary Science has introduced EVOLVE – a new online evaluation system which is available 24-hours a day and provides an immediate response to a learning experience. The change means that staff can respond to student issues quickly, rather than making an amendment for the following year.
  • The School of Law and Social Justice is now giving feedback on examinations via a system of appointments to view examination scripts alongside generic feedback for that assessment.
  • The Management School has improved support by introducing a number of dedicated staff to help students develop academic skills, provide support for the year in industry programmes and increase skills and employability opportunities.
  • The School of Engineering has produced coursework submission schedules across programmes to identify and avoid any clustering of deadlines.
  • Computer Science has introduced a two-step feedback process, so students now receive generic feedback more quickly, before this is followed up by more detailed individual feedback.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience Professor Kelvin Everest, said: “We really appreciate our students taking the time to share their views with us. The feedback is extremely important to the University, not only to help us understand what needs to be improved, but also to recognise what our students like about their experience here.”

This year’s National Student Survey is now open to responses from final year undergraduate students.


Students who are eligible to take part are asked to give their opinion on a number of areas including teaching quality, assessment and feedback on their work, academic support and learning resources. The results, which are published in September, are an important indicator of student satisfaction.

All eligible students have received an email from the University inviting them to take part in the survey. This email contains a link to follow to complete the survey. Students who complete the survey online will receive £3 in free print credits to say thank you for taking part.

The NSS is commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and administered by independent research agency Ipsos MORI. It is part of a quality assurance system to generate more detailed information about teaching quality.

Further information about the survey for students is available here. If you have any queries, please contact:

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4 thoughts on “Student feedback guides improvements

  1. Matthew Hillman

    Great post! As a course rep it has always felt like the university takes our views very seriously, but it’s great to share these outcomes with all students. More posts like this please!

    EVOLVE and the School of Psychology’s online feedback and submission systems sound great, as does the School of Engineering’s coursework submissions schedules initiative – I think HLC students would appreciate all three of these. I know I would! Is there any system for collating best practice and rolling it out accross departments/faculties?

    1. Joanna (Administrator) Post author

      Thanks for your comment Matthew. There are numerous committees which share information like this within faculties, and good practice is also disseminated through University-wide staff resources which are used by schools, institutes and departments to develop programmes and download examples of effective practice. We’re continuing to review how information like this is shared and rolled out, and welcome student feedback (through module surveys and national initiatives like the NSS) about what works well.

  2. Cathy Mullen

    A better system needs to be in place for group work results. I think that every participant of these groups should have access to the exam marks and outcome. At the moment the first person to pick up the results does not necessarily HAVE to pass on the marks and outcome. It should be the final stage of the group participation, but from experience this is not so.
    An e-mail to all would be more far and accommodating.


    1. Joanna (Administrator) Post author

      Thanks for your comment Cathy, it’s really useful feedback. Formal module marks are sent out through emails and are posted in Liverpool Life, but in the Management School for example, initial feedback and marks on groupwork assignments are usually collected from the Student Support Office by a group member who then shares the feedback with the other members. We will look at whether this system needs to be revised but in the meantime, if you would prefer to collect your groupwork coversheet individually you can request a copy from the office. Just let them know and they can usually have one available for you to pick up within 24 hours. I hope that helps.

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