Published: 17 March 2014

Meet the candidates in the Guild elections 2014

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Voting opens today (Monday, 17 March) for this year’s Liverpool Guild of Students (LGoS) elections.

The elected officers, trustees and delegates will play a pivotal role in changes made to the University in the next academic year, and registered University of Liverpool students have a week to cast their votes.

Read below about the candidates in the running for this year’s Student Representative Officer (SRO) positions, which include the President of the Guild, the Deputy President and Vice Presidents, and details about how to register and vote:

Harry Anderson

“Harry Anderson for SRO / Guild President”
Harry AndersonThe starting point for my manifesto is the fact that Liverpool University regularly suffers in comparison with its Russell Group rivals, with student satisfaction being a major factor in this. I have carefully considered and targeted my policies to address this problem; they’re bold and ambitious, but by no means unachievable! In terms of my suitability as a candidate, I have held numerous roles that would mean I would make a fantastic Guild President. Over my three years, I have been the NUS Delegate for the Guild twice, sat on the Student Council, chaired the University’s Labour Students society and also hosted a show on LSRadio. All of these things I believe illustrate that I am engaged, passionate and willing to make a difference. Take a look at my manifesto. I think my policies can really improve the lives and experience of students at Liverpool University. I hope you agree!

Hannah Ellen Clare

“If You Dare…Vote Hannah Clare”

Hannah ClareI came to Liverpool because I loved the city and since moving here this love has deepened so much that I want to help shape and change it. Being President of LGoS is the best way to do this. I’ve had a range of experience within LGoS that has strengthened this desire. I have been on the committees for three societies – Liverpool Debating Union, Creative Writing Society and Liverpool Young Greens. As well as this I worked as a Community Representative, encouraging community cohesion and organising events on Smithdown. From these experiences, I have learnt a lot about what goes right in LGoS, but more importantly, what goes wrong and I know I can change this. I am the best candidate for the Presidency of LGoS because I have the knowledge, the skills, the experience, the passion and enthusiasm to make valued contributions to the student community-

James Coe

“Keep Coeing”

James Coe To be the President who makes LGoS the best Student’s Union in the country. With the £14.25m building redevelopment we are only limited by our ambition in what we can achieve. I want to be President for a Guild that is pioneering; this will be achieved through implementing democracy structures seen nowhere else in the country. I want to be the President that makes you more employable through real practical changes. I want to be the President who ensures housing across Liverpool is of much better standard for students. At a time of transition for the Guild I genuinely believe experience in the role is key to next year being successful. Through our collective endeavour we have made great changes across the University. I want to continue to fight for the rights of students and continue to improve students’ time and education at the University of Liverpool.

Callum Lee Doherty

“Strength in Transparency”

I wish to stand as, over the past year of being an Economics course rep, I have developed a passion for the development and implementation of students’ opinions into meaningful, tangible assets that provide each of us with a stronger, more cohesive direction on which to achieve. The prospect of being more closely involved with such diplomacy is something I look forward to and believe I could succeed within.

Alexander Ferguson

“Scoring Student Satisfaction”

Alex FergusonCurrently studying English in my third year, I have got to know the Guild well. As a regular member of both Liverpool University Drama Society (LUDS) and LSRadio, as well as being on the Student Council and LSFilm Committee, I am well experienced and have a very good idea of how to improve the Guild. I made the decision to run because I want ALL students to be able to get the most out of their Guild. I will make the Guild central to your university life; Liverpool has one of the best funded student unions, with one of the largest memberships of any in the UK. Why is it not the best? The key is student awareness and promotion of the Guild. Whilst at university, we should all be able to take full advantage of its fantastic resources, and my aim is to make our Guild as accessible as possible. SO Vote Ferguson!

Kate Holmes

“Holmes is where the heart is”

Kate HolmesDuring my time at university I have established and run the Feminist Society, taken on a position in the student council, and worked on projects in the wider community such as the well-attended ‘Reclaim the Night’ march. These experiences have taught me unique leadership and organisational skills which will hugely benefit me as an SRO. Training as a Samaritan has taught me the invaluable skill of listening and made me a better communicator, meaning I feel confident in my ability to listen to and represent the needs of students effectively. Working with the Guild has not only made me more aware of how I can change things, it’s made me realise that everyone should have the chance to get exactly what they want from their time at university. I have really enjoyed working to improve things at university so far and would love to have the power to take things further.

Oyindamola Johnson

“The Little Big Deal”

Oyindomala JohnsonMy name is Oyin Johnson and I am an enthusiast. I am passionate about helping people, fuelling change and promoting diversity. I believe in working hard for legitimate aims. I respect the work of all the student representatives before me but believe there is more to be done. We all would like to see ourselves better incorporated into a better functioning student life and into the city of Liverpool as a whole. I do not believe that I have all the answers or even all the questions. However, I know that if given the chance, I will work to ensure that the voice of students is heard and irregularities rectified. As I am fully equipped with the experience of being an active student at our University, such as on the committee of several societies including the ACS and ULSS; I understand what it would take to help and are willing to do so.

Aidan Mann

“Empower, Engage, let’s make a change!”

Aidan MannHello, my name is Aidan Mann, ‘the Mann with the plan’. I am a final year student currently studying Economics. I want to become your President because I am driven by my belief in social equality and a determination to fight against all types of discrimination. Many people who stand for President believe being a successful student representative officer is about having fanciful and populist election promises. I disagree. I believe it is about commitment, perseverance and hard work to make realistic changes to our university that can directly improve the lives of every student on campus. SROs are the voice of the students, they have a responsibility to listen, take decisive action and get clear results….and I am the Mann who can.

Emma Sims

“Representation, education, communication”
Emma SimsI am passionate about making sure every students’ time here is the best we can possibly have, I want students to feel like they are part of a supportive and productive community at University. I will ensure our education is worth the money we’re paying and that no barriers, be they financial or otherwise, stand in our way. The Guild should be a transparent, representative and caring student body where every student has a say and a place to call home. Having experienced the difficulties of student life myself, I will ensure accessible support mechanisms so no student should feel alone in a time of need. Through my position as Co-President of BandSoc and by sitting on Student Council I have been able to develop realistic and practical policies that I am sure will be effective. I hope I’ve persuaded you how much I care; please vote Emma Sims #1.

Student Trustee

Student Trustees sit with the four SROs and four External Trustees on the highest decision making body of the organisation. The Trustee Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Guild, and for ensuring the organisation delivers all of its objectives. The Board meets at least four times per year, including an away day during the summer, and students undertake this role whilst completing their studies.

There are 6 candidates running for Student Trustee this year:

  • Callum Lee Doherty
  • Emma hart
  • Fraser Johns
  • Harriet Hey
  • Jonathon White
  • Joshua Harper

NUS Delegate

NUS Delegates are elected to represent LGoS at NUS National Conference. They ensure that LGoS students’ views shape the national agenda.

There are 7 candidates for NUS Delegate this year:

  • Alasdair Bruce
  • Callum Lee Doherty
  • Margaret Henderson
  • Matthew Smyth
  • Nissim Massarano
  • Stephen Smith
  • Tania Smith

In order to vote in the LGoS Elections 2014 students first need to register. For details of how to register please visit the LGoS information webpage.

Once registered you can then go to and cast your vote for the leaders of the Guild in 2014-15.

If you have any problems with registration or voting please contact with your username.

Voting will be available online from Monday, 17 March until Friday, 21 March at 5pm. Candidate manifestos are available on the SO Elections website.

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