Published: 20 March 2014

Event: Careers Cabaret


English undergraduate, and member of the School of the Arts Student Press Team, Fred Johnson, has been looking ahead to this week’s Careers Cabaret:

“You can barely move as a third year arts or humanities student without being warned about the lack of job prospects or practical applications for your skills. From emails from student websites you don’t even remember registering for, to well-wishing but concerned parents who don’t want to see you weeping behind a counter at ASDA for the next forty years, the future for graduates is much discussed.

“This is one of the reasons that many will be breathing a collective sigh of relief at the upcoming Careers Cabaret, hosted by the English Society’s president Laura Wickstead. The event aims to put humanities students preparing to graduate this summer in the same room as humanities and arts graduates who have already successfully secured jobs.

“Primarily a networking event, students can find some healthy reassurance in the form of contacts, connections and helpful advice. It also includes a set of presentations by the speakers who will share their acquired wisdom and explain how they went about making their way in the world, after graduating with an arts or humanities degree.

“Many of the speakers attended the University of Liverpool, which, of course, makes their advice all the more relevant.

There are 10 speakers in total from eight different organisations:

  • Jen Chapman, Marketing and Communications Manager at Liverpool’s FACT
  • Jay-Louise Fox, Graduate Advocate at the University
  • Lorna Mitchell, Law and Accountancy at BPP Law
  • Steve McCormick, Law and Accountancy at BPP Law
  • Oliver Press, Entrepreneur with Independent Liverpool
  • David Williams, Entrepreneur with Independent Liverpool
  • Amy Dickinson, a teacher with TeachFirst
  • Gary Smailes, Publisher and Proof-reader at Bubblecow
  • Charlotte Cooke, HR Graduate at BAE Systems
  • James Courtney, an MA student and PR Account Executive with Think Publicity

“The event will begin with each speaker making five-minute presentations about their respective backgrounds and degree choices, before a more informal mingling giving students and speakers the chance to have more specific conversations.

“This could also be the first networking event that many students attend, and it’s certainly something to get a hold of now if you’re hoping to find work in the creative industries. So between the useful and genuinely valuable advice to be gained, the sandwiches to be eaten, and the chance to ‘work the room’ in a networking session, there’s really no reason not to get involved!”

The Careers Cabaret is taking place on Thursday, 20 March at 5pm in the Gilmour room of the Reilly Building.

By Fred Johnson

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