Published: 29 May 2014

Liverpool students awarded scholarships

Kelbrick scholarships

Two Liverpool students have been awarded scholarships to enhance their leadership skills.

First year Accounting and Finance student, Abdulhafid Sharif, has been awarded the William James Kelbrick ‘Leading to Make a Difference’ Scholarship’ to visit rural Tanzania with Raleigh ICS International on a 10 week voluntary placement. Working with local communities the team will tackle issues including water contamination by building wells, and reducing poverty by working to educate people in the local community.

Abdulhafid will also travel to China to undertake a four week summer course at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University to develop his business, commercial and cultural awareness.

Second year Mechanical Engineering student Jack Kershaw has been awarded the William Morgan Personal Development Scholarship to undertake a series of graphic design, drawing, photography and web design courses to enhance his employability in the design sector of the engineering industry. The £5,000 award will also fund a trip to Sri Lanka this summer, where he will visit places of interest and help in a voluntary programme.

Whilst travelling Jack is planning to document his trip using photographs and drawings with the intention of selling prints. Any profits from the work will be used to sponsor a child or Community Development Scheme in the Asian country.

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