Published: 11 June 2014

Exploring careers: Rob Dewis, Public relations

Rob Dewis

Communication Studies and Politics undergraduate and member of the School of the Arts (SOTA) Student Press Team, Gee Canning, has been discovering how English Department alumnus Rob Dewis progressed after graduation and how he got into PR:

What did you get involved in at University which helped you to secure your job in PR?

“I was a leading committee member of both LSRadio and the cycling club societies. To fit in two societies plus studying for my degree (and a little social time) isn’t easy, but it demonstrated my time management skills which is crucial for managing multiple PR accounts. Also, leading two very different societies was helpful to show that I can work with a diverse range of people.”

Did you have any work experience previous to your graduate job?

“I was lucky to have January free from exams during my final year and managed to get some work experience with two great Liverpool creative companies, which I still keep in contact with. Believe it or not, I wasn’t asked to make coffees, and was given a good amount of responsibility and a range of tasks in both internships.”

What advice would you give to students who are going into internships this summer?

“It was a really useful time for me to ease into the work environment and work out exactly what industry I wanted to go into after graduation. With this in mind, seek out opportunities in as many different industries as possible, as you never know what you may like to do unless you try it!”

How did your work experience help you get your current job?

“I kept in contact with the people from my work experience placement but after I graduated they unfortunately couldn’t offer me full-time paid work. They did, however, suggest that I get in contact with another Liverpool PR organisation – the Design Foundry. They were not advertising but they liked the look of my experience and after a brief interview they offered me the Junior PR Account Manager role.”

What is your advice for students looking to get into PR?

“PR is an industry that mixes communication and people skills with creativity so try to seek experience in all three. An easy way to do this is to get involved in societies, especially on a committee level.

“When looking for writing experience, don’t just cling to your comfort zone but seek diversity, as this will demonstrate how you can adapt those skills for any client and make you more employable – especially to smaller companies that many want you to grow with them.

“Also, don’t forget to document your writing in an updated portfolio – not only will it show off your written work but it will impress a potential employer to see your organisational skills in practice.”

By Gee Canning

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