Published: 12 June 2014

Follow the World Cup with our experts

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In the run-up to the World Cup, experts from the University of Liverpool’s Management School have shared their thoughts on football-related matters in a number of articles published on ‘The Conversation’.

‘The Conversation’ is an independent news and commentary website produced by academics and journalists which sources news, opinion pieces, commentary and the latest research from the academic community.   It has a monthly audience of 1.6 million users, and reach of 6.2 million.

Dr Susan Bridgewater, Head of Sports Research, discusses why football is and is likely to remain the biggest sport in the world.

Kieran Maguire writes about the delicate issue of FIFA’s finances and its relationship with its sponsors in an article ‘What do FIFA’s finances tell us about its sponsor relations?

Senior Lecturer in Sports Management and Law and Director of Studies for the MBA (Football Industries) programme, Dr Geoff Pearson, discusses the unsuccessful efforts which have been used to stop disorder at previous tournaments.

‘The Conversation’ is supported by more than 20 universities including Liverpool , along with organisations such as The Wellcome Trust, The Nuffield Foundation and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

Academics and research students who are interested in contributing to The Conversation should contact the Press Team. Email:

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