Published: 25 June 2014

HRH the Duke of York visits campus

HRH the Duke of York

HRH the Duke of York visited the University campus yesterday and met students and staff as part of his visit to the city’s International Festival of Business.

During his visit, the Duke met Michelle Wong and Rachel Metcalf, PhD students from the School of Architecture (pictured left), who presented their design project which demonstrates the modern engineering and manufacturing techniques of the cities of the future.

He then met Physicists, Professors Themis Bowcock and Tara Shears (pictured below), at the University’s Victoria Gallery & Museum (VG&M) particle physics exhibition who talked to the Duke about their research at CERN and the Large Hadron Collider. The VG&M’s Education Officer, Kirsty Hall, spoke to the Duke about the activities and events that the VG&M undertakes to engage with schools and families.

HRH the Duke of York

Professor Tara Shears said: “Prince Andrew was very interested in the big questions we explore in particle physics research, and by how little we still really know about the universe.

“He thought these ideas are particularly fascinating for schoolchildren and was interested to hear how the VG&M uses the exhibit to inspire the next generation of scientists.”

At the School of Engineering, the Duke met Dr Kate Black who discussed inkjet printing and the manufacture of electronic and opto electronic materials (pictured below). Liverpool Engineer, Dr Chris Sutcliffe, and Simon Scott from the engineering company, Renishaw, discussed additive manufacture of metallic materials with the Duke. He also learnt about the about the University’s spin out company, Fusion Implants, which designs porous materials for orthopaedic and veterinary applications.

HRH the Duke of York

The IFB is the largest global concentration of business events during 2014. The University is contributing to the festival with a series of events, including a number of public lectures and a conference – The Global University of the 21st Century.




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