Published: 23 July 2014

Insight: ‘Spring 14’ magazine

English undergraduate and member of the School of the Arts student press team, Fred Johnson, has been finding out about the new ‘Spring 14’ magazine produced by creative writing fellow at the University of Liverpool, Horatio Clare:

Where did the idea for this magazine come from?

“I was obliged to produce a magazine at the end of my tenure by my contract with the Miriam Allott Fellowship but I decided to do two issues and bring one out a year early.”

What makes ‘Spring 14’ different to other creative writing magazines?

“The calibre of the contributors; the outstanding layout, design, pacing and photographs; and its confidence.”

Unlike some other creative writing magazines, you’re keen to involve both student and non-student writers – why do you think this is important?

“Quality of submission is all that counts. And the University creative writing centre is committed to outreach beyond the University.”

What do you envision for the future of ‘Spring 14’?

“Another issue at least!”

Are there any explicit themes or messages you’re trying to communicate with ‘Spring 14’?

“My initial idea was that it should represent as many forms as possible, but then we just went with the best, regardless of theme or aim. We hope readers will derive something greater than the sum of these parts, and we are grateful for all and any attention it is granted.”

Copies of Spring 14 are available to pick up from across campus, including the Sydney Jones Library and Blackwell’s University book shop.

Submissions by students for the next edition, Spring 15, can be sent to the Creative Writing Liverpool Facebook page.

Students are also able to book essay coaching sessions and tuition with Horatio Clare from the autumn semester. The service, which is part of his role as Creative Writing Fellow, has already been used by undergraduate and postgraduate students from a number of departments including English, Philosophy and Medicine. For further details or to book a Wednesday afternoon slot please contact Horatio Clare on

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