Published: 23 September 2014

Viewpoint: What to expect from Welcome Week

Karen Ngai

Karen Ngai is an English and Communications undergraduate and International Student Ambassador for Hong Kong:

“Choosing to study at the University of Liverpool, 6000 miles away from home, was a daunting decision, but after a year of integrating with the British culture, I can now say that it was also the best decision I have ever made.

Liverpool’s title as the Capital of Culture 2008 motivated my desire to uncover its eminence and it did not disappoint.

As an international student, it is always a good idea to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. The first people I met were my flat mates at Vine Court. We may have been from different cultural backgrounds but it was no barrier – in fact everyone was eager to learn more about one another.

During the year, as we grew closer, we were able to have spontaneous trips to explore the hidden gems of Liverpool – from Sefton Park to the Cavern Club and the Radio City Tower. With Liverpool’s combination of world-class attractions, sporting history and its vibrant nightlife, there are more than enough places to delve into throughout the year.

Of course, we are not in Liverpool just to explore the city. Fear not, if you don’t know where or how to make an official start to your University experience. Here’s how — Welcome Week.

Welcome Week will be useful to every student because you will be given a warm welcome from the staff and current students, as well as guidance on settling in and expanding your horizons.

The Vice-Chancellor gave a speech during Welcome Week, personally welcoming us to the University of Liverpool and I also went along to an afternoon tea at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel, where I had the chance to experience a typical British tradition and meet other international students who were going through the same experience.

Alongside the welcome sessions, I also attended the Welcome Fair. The societies allow students to continue their existing hobbies and skills as well as venture into new areas and develop new skills. The societies are of a diverse range, giving you lots of options to choose from. The enthusiastic second years who encourage you to join their societies give you a glimpse of the tight knit groups of friends sharing exhilarating experiences that you can be a part of.

Starting university is exciting, but for a lot of us it is also a nerve wracking experience. The University has developed a series of sessions that will provide you with the information for a smooth transition into this new phase. Last but not least, I wish the best for all first years and i hope that you will find your study here as enjoyable as I have.”

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