Published: 26 September 2014

Viewpoint: Making the most of Liverpool


Ines Matos Glover has just completed her Masters in Palaeoanthropology after staying on at Liverpool following the successful completion of her BSc in Evolutionary Anthropology. Here she discusses how new students can make the most of what Liverpool has to offer:

“Seeing all the faces of new students around is terrifying. Can it really be four years since I started university? Well apparently it is…

Though my memories of my first few days are suitably cloudy in some areas, I can still remember how it felt starting university. When I first arrived at Carnatic halls, I felt sick with nerves and excitement. I live in the middle of nowhere, near a small village, which is fairly near a small town, which is near a slightly bigger town. I arrived in Liverpool – a huge city in my opinion, and I just wanted to go home.

I am not ashamed to admit that I cried the day I moved in to halls. But, if I hadn’t been crying outside of Salisbury Halls that fateful Sunday evening I would never have met my best friend and I probably would not have stayed in Liverpool for the next four years either.

My university experience is something that (as clichéd as it sounds) I will remember forever.

There were lows, of course, but they were far outweighed by the good times. In halls I managed to meet so many people – I doubt I would be half as sociable if I had not been there. I met my housemates (with whom I lived for my entire time at university), I gained confidence, and I decided to make my university experience something to remember! I have been here four years and I am sad to be leaving. Even in my last year here I discovered parts of Liverpool I had never seen before! There’s so much left to discover I am sure I will be back.

My advice to students who are just arriving is don’t be afraid. I wish this was not so over used but everyone is in the same boat.

Enjoy yourself – university is supposed to be for learning, of course, but you can’t learn 24/7! You need friends and interests to fill in your downtime. They all say it, parents included, but joining societies or teams can broaden your circles and help you meet new people. There are so many things to do, so use the Welcome Fair to investigate new things or further your interests.

I have been involved with Liverpool RAG (Raise and Give) over the last two years and it has been fantastic. RAG is a fundraising society and helps many other societies with fundraising. It gave me the opportunity to attend lots of events and I also got to dance around University Square in a monkey costume – an experience to say the least.

Challenge yourself to join a new society or two every year, and stick with it. Try surfing, climbing, learning circus skills, becoming a magician, perfect a sport you already know, try the Drama Society, give baking a go… Try anything and everything that tickles your fancy.

Also, make sure you take every opportunity you can to get involved with university events. There are departmental events, as well as university-wide events and aside from meeting new people, it can really help you to grow as a person.

Finally, make sure you really discover Liverpool. It took me three years before I realised that all I knew was university and Concert Square (the nightlife). I suggest going out and exploring the little things that are special about Liverpool. The one investment I would recommend you make is the Independent Liverpool card. This little card supports independent shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants and offers card-holders’ discounts. What is great about the card is that you get ideas for new places. Try the hidden gems of the city using this card and you will be amazed at the wonderful things that Liverpool has to offer.”

Ines Matos Glover is tweeting live from the Welcome Fair today on @LivUni. Use the hashtag #LivUniInes to follow her progress.

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