Published: 14 October 2014

New Guild democracy structure


Liverpool Guild of Students has introduced a brand new democracy structure to make it easier to improve the university experience and make changes for the better.

Students with ideas about how to make improvements can kick off change by using the Guild’s online form. Ideas can be about anything, from the food served, to the quality of a course, to a campaign idea, or even a national issue.

Suggestions will either be fed directly to the relevant team of staff, or will be put to a debate at the new decision making body, Guild Summit.

Guild Summit has been set up to listen to the student voice on key issues and is made up of 50 randomly selected students. They will meet four times in every academic year to discuss ideas for improvement.

If agreement is reached on an idea, it will be passed onto the Guilds’ Board of Trustees for final approval, but if an idea divides Guild Summit opinion, it will go to the new Guild voting system, Preferendum, which gives all students the chance to vote on a particular idea.

Students can stay up to date with all decisions which are being made through the Guild website.

Commenting on the new democracy structure, Guild President Harry Anderson said: “This system is unique amongst student unions in the UK and it gives our students a great opportunity to make a difference to university life. Your voice is louder than it’s ever been before.”

Find out more about how you can make changes on Liverpool Guild of Students website under the ‘Change It’ section.  

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