Published: 5 December 2014

Got an idea for a green project?

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Applications for the second round of the Seed Fund are now open and students with project ideas are being encouraged to get involved.

The Fund, which has been launched by the Liverpool Guild of Students, aims to support student-led projects in any area of sustainability and social enterprise. Students can apply for up to £2,000 to support a campaign or practical project to green part of the University or wider community.

The first round of applications saw a variety of projects being pitched, including:

Solar Thermal Water Pasteurisation
Engineering students are working on a model of a solar energy-powered water purification system, for use in disaster areas.

Campus Chickens
A group of students are investigating setting up a volunteering project to look after some chickens on campus. Selling the eggs will produce enough revenue for their keep and give students a taster of what it might be like to keep chickens on a scale.

Experimental psychology students have set up a workshop space to build useful devices such as button boxes for experiments from an old computer keyboards and components.

Farm Urban
A diverse team of students working to create an aquaponic system, which grows fish and vegetables simultaneously in a closed-loop ecosystem.

Guild Mushrooms
Students looking into reducing the environmental impact of the Guild’s Starbucks outlet are seeking to use waste coffee ground to grow a verity of mushroom for sale in the Guild shop vegetable bags.

Alex Ferguson, Vice President at the Guild, said: “Sustainability encompasses a wide range of issues and we want to encourage and support students to implement their own innovative projects that will help us move towards a low carbon, low waste, and resource efficient future.”

The Seed Fund is a vital element of the Green Guild Project – a £300,000 programme of student-led initiatives aimed at encouraging greener living whilst at University. The funds were awarded to the Guild after a successful bid to the NUS Students’ Green Fund.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Guild website here: and must be submitted by Wednesday 17 December.

All applicants will be invited to take part in project management training and asked to present their ideas on a poster at a showcase in the New Year, where final grants will be announced. The Guild is aiming to award around six grants from the Fund depending on the projects submitted.

Please contact Green Guild Project Manager David Wheatley for an application or further information:

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