Published: 16 January 2015

Keep your cool during exams

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Take the stress out of exam time with the Guild’s ‘Keep Your Cool’ campaign.

As part of the campaign, Guild staff and Officers will be visiting libraries every lunch time over the exam period armed with free fruit and good wishes to help you unwind during busy study times.

The Guild said: “We understand how tough revision and assessments can be, and want to help lighten the load by giving you healthy snacks for break time – along with some words of encouragement to keep you feeling positive.”

There are a number of services available to make access to services easier during peak periods:

  • PC Finder tool – this service helps students to see where free PC seats are available. There are a number of PC centres outside the two main libraries, so this tool uses GPS location service on the mobile or tablet to locate where you are before displaying the PC availability in centres close to you:
  • Laptop loan scheme – The number of laptops in the laptop loan scheme in each library has recently been doubled to widen the provision. More information is available here:
  • Print Anywhere – this service enables students to easily print from their own computer, tablet or mobile device. As well as providing more flexible access to printing, the service helps to reduce demand on campus computers which might otherwise have been tied up to complete simple printing jobs:

The Guild added: “If you feel that your exams have been impacted by mitigating circumstances, such as ill health, then you should submit a mitigating circumstances claim to your departmental office as soon as possible. The Guild’s Academic Advisers can provide advice on this procedure (see below for contact details) and you can also find more information on the our website.

“We wish you the best luck with your essays and exams. Remember to take regular breaks, get some sleep, eat properly and plan how you’re going to celebrate when you’re done!”

Extra support is available, particularly if you feel you’re suffering from more than a bout of exam nerves. The following are some useful contact details for University support services which are all free and confidential to access:

University Counselling Service
0151 794 3304

Mental Health Advisory Service
0151 794 2320

Disability Support Team
0151 794 4174

General exam enquires
0151 794 6750

Guild Academic Advice Service
0151 794 6868

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