Published: 9 March 2015

Top tips: Career advice from Liverpool’s Agent Marketing


School of the Arts student, Jaspreet Purewal, reports on a careers lecture from Liverpool based company, Agent Marketing.

For the majority of students today, a university that offers them clear direction towards a successful career, has to be their top choice. Students have to be one step ahead to compete with their peers for top jobs, so anything universities can do to give students ‘the edge’ can bring great rewards following graduation. With this in mind, I went along to a lecture at the University, hosted by two members of Agent Marketing, a Liverpool based marketing firm, to learn how to get a head start in your career.

Agent Marketing’s James Courtney and Tom Ledson give us their top tips on how to become successful in the world of work:

1. Discover the job that isn’t for you
Be curious enough to explore different fields through shadowing, work experience, internships and placements. Even attending talks, such as this one, will provide you with an insight before you start looking for jobs in particular fields.

2. Networking – what does it even mean?
You don’t need an invitation to the latest business conference or to the pub after work with the associates to become part of a network. You need to first embrace the social culture around you and allow people to see your character by being confident in social situations, introducing yourself and being attentive to seeking out opportunities will help you make connections and ensure your are remembered.

3. Hands on, practical experience adds another dimension to ‘you’
Academic experience moulds you into a conscious, adaptable young person, who has been encouraged by university staff to discover and learn. Work experience prepares you for the roles your tutors cannot necessarily prepare you for. Having practical experience of going into an office environment allows you to adapt to the culture of the workplace and an awareness of the wider world.

4. Challenge yourself
Challenge any expectations of what a typical applicant may be and be creative in how you present yourself. Originality is key. Whether it is a graduate job or work experience, proving to your employer that you are more than capable of doing the job can be demonstrated in the simplest of ways, such as bringing a personal touch to your application by hand delivering it.

5. Be self-aware
Be aware of what is expected of you but be loyal to your own values and ethics. Committing yourself to a field of work can sometimes be intimidating but be courageous enough to explore as many options as you can in order to have the best possible chance of achieving that job or internship.

Agent Marketing have launched the Agent Academy, a 12 week programme aimed at 16 to 25 year-olds. This free service allows 10 people to engage and network with professionals, including members of the Liverpool City Council and the Liverpool Echo. For more information about the summer programme, visit Agent Marketing’s Facebook page of Twitter channel.

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