Published: 22 July 2015

Husband and wife receive PhD degrees at same graduation ceremony

Faez Awad and Nasreen Aflaifel

A husband and wife from Libya both received their PhDs from the University of Liverpool at a ceremony at the Philharmonic Hall during Graduation week.

Faez Awad and Nasreen Aflaifel were both awarded PhDs from the University’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

Nasreen is an obstetrician and has been studying for a PhD in Women’s and Children Health since 2012 and her husband, Faez Awad, has been studying for a PhD in Infection Biology since 2011.

In addition to studying for their PhDs, the couple are also parents to four children who are aged eight, six, four and three years old.

The couple, who are originally from Libya, graduated with Masters degrees in 2010 from the University of Glasgow before coming to study for their PhDs in Liverpool.

Faez said: ”The time I spent at the University of Liverpool was an unforgettable experience. Liverpool is a beautiful city, with a great culture and an interesting history.”

Nasreen added:  “We have really enjoyed studying at Liverpool and I would like to thank Professor Andrew Weeks for his support and excellent supervision.  The city is fantastic and the friendliness of the Arab communities in the Liverpool has made us feel very welcome.”

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68 thoughts on “Husband and wife receive PhD degrees at same graduation ceremony

  1. Robyn

    Congratulations to the both of you. ☺
    May you continue growing from strength to strength.

  2. Dr. Ghassan

    Congratulations for your graduation, I am quite happy with your story, I know it was very long trip but in the final you did it as we except, believe me we are proud of you.
    Well done Faez and Nasreen.

  3. fathia

    I’m So proud of you both, you become a source of encouragement for me as libyan PhD student
    Good Luck

  4. Mohamed Benshatwan

    Congratulation for Dr Faez and Dr Nasreen wishing the couple more success in the future.

  5. Dr. Ahmed Alarabi

    Dear brother Dr. Fayez thousand million trillion Congratulations to you and your wife dear .. Thank you for your struggle and your mighty to reach this historic moment .. .. Wishing you promises a welcome to the homeland .. Please accept my sincere greetings.

    Dr. Ahmed Asanosi Alarabi
    College of Engineering Technology
    Hoon – Libya

  6. Hend

    Truly inspiring. Congrats to both 😀

    May you continue to be blessed with knowledge and good fortune.

  7. khaled

    I know both of them. they studied with me english language in 2008-2009 in Colchester city.
    and they a good family and nice and I am very happy for them and I would like to tell them congratulations .
    yes these are the libyan students libyan family libyan parents
    thanks for both of you thanks for allah to help both of you

  8. Zahar

    Well done both of you Faez and Nasreen. It’s a great achievement especially when you have another family duty. I am sure that all Libyan are proud of you. Congratulation

  9. Dr. Souad elfakhri

    Congratulations for you both so proud of such a Libyan family wishing you all the best and Allah save you and your kids

  10. sobhi

    Congratulations for the couple. My self I was a student at the university during thr eighties. Hope they come back to Libya to participate in mending the health sector which is in a bad condition.

  11. Bilal

    WOW .. there is no word in dictionary can describe this a great achievement.
    good luck and I am sure that Libya as a country is going to get better soon
    …good luck Libyans

  12. Mohamed

    Congratulations to the both of you.
    I am Libyan guy, I have right to be proud of you and keep going to achieve the thriving future.

  13. laila

    الف مبروك من تقدم لتقدم .. هدا فخر لكل الليبيين .. وان شاء الله اتروحوا وتنفعوا بلادنا .. وتتقدم بالعلم وتطلع اجيال افضل من الموجوده

  14. Om Ahmed First

    Congratulations, we are so proud that Libyan couple has got the ability to manage their time in order to get better education. For me it seems impossible . Good for you ? The question is how could you bring your children up and study at the same time

  15. Ahmed s. Belgul

    I wish you the best for the hole life and happiness
    As alibyan citizen I feel very proud of such Libyan family , I really want to see my love Libya holding BHD among the countries in this world
    Warm regards

  16. A.A.Grada

    congrats and as a libyan teenage i’m so proud and i wish to have as cool experience as you did
    may allah protect you and raise your children after your steps ^_^


    Good achievement both of you, it’s really a great job which is very rare these days to see coules have achieved their goals among family responsibilities. Thumbs up for you guys.!

  18. Nadia Belkhair

    Congratulations to both of you Nasreen & Faez,
    الف مبروك .. فخوره بكما .. و ما التوفيق الا من عند الله نفع الله بكم البلاد … تهانينا

  19. Hamza

    Congratulations to the both of you. ☺
    May you continue growing from strength to strength.

  20. Haval

    Very warm congratulations to you both.Gad bless you. Libian people are very nice .. I lived there over years .. They deserve all success .. May god keep libya safe from terrorists.

  21. Khalifa Dau

    As a libyan i am proud of you as many libyans would, i would expect. My congratulations to both of for the success you have accomplished so far. Let the whole world know that libya can produce many good and hard working people, and that the crazy ones are only a small minority in libya.

  22. Amal Almansowri ( London).

    So proud of you both guys. Well done and congratulations. Wow just amazing news . Xxx

  23. Najat Ali

    Congratulation Nasreen and Faez.
    What you have done is a great achievement and Libyan community is very proud of you and I also wish the best in your future career.

  24. Zainab Ellabib

    تبارك الله ومبارك التخرج نفعكما الله بعلمكما ونفعنا به .. ماشا ءالله رفعتوا روسنا الطلبة الليبيين الله يبارك دائما يثبتوا في جدارتهم وتميزهم

  25. Zuhor Hamza

    Congratulations, Dr Nasreen you really deserve to be in this place with your husband. We are really proud of u, Libya and all the Arabic world are all proud of you.

  26. Hassan

    I am looking for master degree of biomedical engineering if there any opportunity to continue my study

  27. Rashed

    Congratulation brother and sister wish you all the best
    keep succeeding Allah bliss you

  28. Dr Alok Bhattacharyya

    Congratulations to both. They have established with their work counterexample of stereotyping people with religion, gender and parenthood as to what is possible for them to do or not to do.
    I taught in Benghazi, Libya for almost two years. I found the people there extremely nice.


    Good job, well done. I understand how difficult to go through the postgraduate training in a growing family with all the commitments towards the kids…etc. May allah bless you. Keep up the good work.

  30. Dr Massoud Taher

    Congratulations to the both of you. May Allah give you health and happiness .

  31. David n m Ndungu

    Congratulations from a Kenyan admirer. Finally family means everything whatever turns life takes. My wife starts her PhD in September and our first born daughter got her degree last weekend.
    I got my first one in 1984 and is seriously contemplating doing my Masters any time soon.


    Al-salaam alikum

    Congratulations.I ask Allah that you keep moving from success to another.

    Your brother Hatem

  33. Mahmud Helou

    Congrtulations, you really make your families & your country proud, well done.

  34. Porky

    Congratulations and hats off to the both of you!! I know that it was not easy with also raising a family with four minor children. The sacrifices and hardwork paid off.

    You have certainly been an inspiration to many and personally to me a tertiary student with a husband and two adult children in university as well.

    May your future be bright as you continue to shine wherever you go. Well done!!!
    May God continue to bless your efforts.

  35. Ainsworth & Moyena Beech

    Congratulations Faez and Nasreen. A job well done, especially, with four small children to think about while studying. You are a tower of strength to me and my wife and we are encouraged to study together with our next level of education PhD at The University of Liverpool.

    Your work will not be in vain…God bless you all.

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