Published: 2 December 2015

Sean Borodale shares poetry with Liverpool students

Sean Borodale - credit Mark Vessey

School of the Arts student, Catherine Tully, reviews the first University event from Next Generation Poet, Sean Borodale:

Miriam Allott Creative Writing Fellow, Sean Borodale, has shared his works and literary guidance with staff and students at a public event, which included a reading from his most recent publication, Human Work.

Sean began the lecture with some words from his debut collection of poetry, Bee Journal. The collection is a two-year account of his personal time spent tending a colony of bees. Sean read several segments from the collection all equally as engaging.

Sean remarked enthusiastically:  “The song never stops…I had this very strong sense of this continuity going back, about 50 million years of unceasing sound.” This desire to transmit the splendour of the present moment is evident through his latest collection, Human Work.

Sean commented: “I have a yearning to recreate that moment where it is absolutely vivid or at its most intense,” which is why he writes and crafts his poems almost entirely instantaneously, with very little editing before publication. Sean’s sensuous action poems fuse taste and touch, plunging readers into their own imagination.

The poet and visual artist has developed a unique style of descriptive and documentary poems; they are written on location, and derived from a process of writing whilst walking or encountering various activities.

Of his writing style, Sean stated: “I make a habit of the notebook being my studio and of roaming and wondering.  The page offers a kind of theatre.”

”I found my studio to be on the streets of London initially and walked and wrote and this has given rise to the ways in which I write to this day and try to develop my work.”

Sean’s poetic work exudes creativity and adventure; his unusual style captures the beauty that can be found in daily life.  As students from the School of the Arts we look forward to learning more from his works, as he guides us to be more creative and inspired writers.

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