Published: 20 April 2016

Study Abroad: Life in New Zealand

Mount Vic - NZ

Nicola Farnsworth is a Psychology undergraduate in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. This semester she has chosen to study abroad at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand:

“It’s been over a month since I flew from Manchester to Wellington. In some ways it seems like a long time, but in others I can’t believe it can possibly have been that long!

New Zealand is, quite literally, the other side of the world but it has always been top of my list of places to visit. When I saw I could come here to study, it seemed like the obvious choice. I’ve wanted to study abroad for as long as I can remember and when I looked around universities, if they didn’t go abroad, I wasn’t going to study there – simple as that.

I love travelling – I worked in America last summer and then travelled for three weeks – and the opportunity to study and then explore New Zealand just seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up. To anyone who is considering applying to study abroad, I cannot recommend it enough.

I’m staying in the University halls and in our orientation week I did so many things, including going to the top of Mount Vic, doing multiple beach trips, pizza nights and tours around town and the harbour. They also do activities during term time and I’ve already been lucky enough to see a Kiwi and the famous Silver Fern, used on the New Zealand sporting emblems.

New Zealand has a beauty like no other country that I’ve ever experienced and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of it over the next five months.

Makara beach sunset - NZ

Image left shows Makara beach sunset in New Zealand.

The culture here is more relaxed than the UK. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have walked home from university in Liverpool with no shoes on without getting any strange looks! Walking to the University from my halls takes about 45 minutes – double the time of the 699 – but the view mean that the thought of hurtling down Smithdown is the last thing on your mind.

Everyone here is incredibly welcoming and I’ve already made friends that I know I’ll keep. I even have a roommate which is a unique experience, and very different to the norm in the UK, but one I wouldn’t change.

I’ve also noticed a skyrocket in my contact hours – going from eight hours at Liverpool to 18 in Wellington has been a bit of a shock to the system to say the least but when your lecturers take a break mid-lecture to play the piano or tell you stories about cases they’ve seen, it doesn’t seem so bad!

Applying to study abroad is stressful and nerve racking and you’re never quite sure if you’ve made the right decision.  But I can assure you that if you go for it, you will quite possibly have the best experience of your life.”

Each year more than 250 students from the University choose to go and study abroad at one of our partner universities across the globe as part of their degree programme.

For further details about Study Abroad please visit the Study Abroad Website.

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