Published: 27 April 2016

A law review: a whole lot of questions

UOL Law Review team

Vito Pun is Editor-in-Chief of the University of Liverpool Law Review. Here he discusses how it came into being and the goals behind it:

“A Law Review is much like the jewel of a Law School: It does not represent the voice of the Law School, but it is a powerful platform for home-grown academic excellence that is showcased to the wider community. For us editors, being a part of this amazing opportunity is very much a privilege.

The University of Liverpool Law Review (UOLLR) was born in Spring of 2015 as part of the central strategy of the School of Law and Social Justice. It was developed on the basis of a strong commitment by the Law School and UOLLR shares a very strong connection with the School’s supportive faculty members.

The first and second web issues were published on Being the first student team to witness and contribute to the UOLLR’s genesis has been a very rewarding experience.

What are Law Reviews?

Law reviews are academic publications edited by students, academics and practitioners. Law reviews receive academic articles or produce their own and publish them routinely. Articles can range from academic essays to interviews with judges, practitioners, or academics; to book reviews, critiques and comments on recent legal developments.

Why is our Law Review special?

Many undergraduate programs are already reading and writing intensive as it is. We are students just like you, and we feel your pain. But the UOLLR is something that we can all call our own – our pride, our little sapling that University of Liverpool students can all shape and nurture into something amazing. Something greater than just a placeholder on CVs; a platform for your great work to be read, acknowledged, and engaged by others on issues you care about. Students at all levels produce great work – why not proudly show it off?

Developing a platform which can reach out to other academic circles through conferences or dialogue is a dream of ours in the UOLLR editorial board. The work involved is rigorous, but in many ways we are living the dream of developing this journal to be passed on to future students who share our vision.

Going forward

We are continuing to look for new submissions for our upcoming issue – do watch out for us on Hopefully, the quality of the submissions not only serve as an example for our students, but also inspire others to engage in legal debates and submit the fruits of their research.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the UOLLR’s work or initiatives, email us at”

Image shows University of Liverpool Law Review team.

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