Published: 29 April 2016

World of Work: Creative practices in the music industry


School of the Arts student, Claudia Wentworth, explores degree modules tailored to giving students the practical insights needed to step into jobs in the creative industries:

Promotion, Identity and Creative Labour
Third year module

‘Creative labour’ is often characterised by freelance work, portfolio careers and entrepreneurship in the post-digital context. ‘Promotion Identity and Creative Labour’ explores and demystifies these common professional working practices in popular music.

Topics covered in the module include promotion, branding, web and viral marketing, self-management, professional networks, DIY culture and audio-visual contexts.

In assignments, students apply these issues and approaches to either their own creative practice, such as the role of musician, producer, composer, songwriter, and promoter, or a real- world case study of their choice.

Students are tasked with creating an electronic press kit, packaging themselves as a professional product with a biography, high quality photos and audio/visual links. Additionally, they must come up with a business plan providing a detailed analysis of current or planned creative projects.

Third year Music student, Richard Bond, said: “The media pack assignment was particularly useful in that it got us to critically think about how we present our creative output and endeavours in a succinct, yet interesting and ultimately newsworthy way.

“Additionally, the business plan was valuable as a self-reflective task, helping to manage expectations as an artist, identify areas that needed work, yet also appreciate our strengths as creative producers.” 

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