Published: 4 May 2016

Summer travel tips

Lakagigar, Iceland

Are you thinking of travelling over the summer? Want to get some sun or just fancy visiting a new place?

From vaccines and visas, to passports and travel insurance, make sure you read our checklist of things to consider before you head off on your travels:

Check what vaccines you need in good time before you travel – some vaccines will need to be administered weeks or even months in advance of travel to be effective so make sure you drop into the Student Health Centre –  – or the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine –  – for assessment well in advance.
If you are leaving an empty house in Liverpool for the summer make sure you let your landlord know what dates you intend to be away, put your burglar alarm on, and if possible move valuable items to a trusted friend or relative’s house so they can keep an eye on them for you.
Don’t forget to check your passport is valid, and whether you need a certain length of time before expiry – some countries and airlines require your passport to be valid for three or even six months on the date of travel.
Note down the contact details of your Embassy in the country you are travelling to before you go – your Embassy can help you if you lose your passport, are a victim of crime or face other difficulties while you are abroad.
Make sure you have suitable travel insurance.
Check customs rules for the country you’re planning to visit – some countries will only allow you to bring in cash under a certain value and most ban visitors from bringing in certain foods and plants, so it is best to check before you travel.
Make sure you have sufficient medication with you for travelling if you take prescribed medication.
If you are an international student and want to travel elsewhere in Europe in the summer you may need a Schengen Visa which allows you to travel to up to 26 European countries. To apply, you must complete an application form and submit it with supporting documents as well as contacting the Embassy of the country you want to visit. You can find a list of the countries and further advice on the visa application process on the International Support Team website –
Finally, make sure you let friends and relatives know you are going away!

Useful Links:

Information about Schengan Visa: or

Student Support Services:

Student Health Centre:

Gov.UK foreign travel advice:

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine:

Image above shows Lakagigar in Iceland.

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