Published: 16 May 2016

Exams and deadlines: Keep your cool

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Exams and looming deadlines can be stressful so the University and Liverpool Guild of Students have been considering ways to ease the pressure at a difficult time in the academic calendar.

Guild President, Harry Anderson, said: “We know just how hectic this time of year can be with all those exams and deadlines so we want to help you to keep your cool.

“Starting on Monday, 16 May we will be on hand in the Sydney Jones and Harold Cohen libraries handing out fruit for your all-important study breaks.”

There are a number of services available to make access to services easier during peak periods:

  • PC Finder tool –this service helps students to see where free PC seats are available. There are a number of PC centres outside the two main libraries, so this tool uses GPS location service on the mobile or tablet to locate where you are before displaying the PC availability in centres close to you:
  • Speed stations – Located in the Rendall building, these stations are designed for quick tasks like printing, checking emails or websites – anything which will tie up a PC for less than 30 minutes. For further information please visit:
  • Print Anywhere –this service enables students to easily print from their own computer, tablet or mobile device. As well as providing more flexible access to printing, the service helps to reduce demand on campus computers which might otherwise have been tied up to complete simple printing jobs:
  • Exam room locations – this webpage has been set up to show location details for all campus examinations rooms. It gives clear instructions on how to get to each room in case the building is unfamiliar to you:

To tackle overcrowding in the libraries during the exam period a #LibraryOnTour initiative has been launched which will see temporary additional learning spaces open for students to use on campus between 16 May and 3 June including:

Where When Noise level
The School of the Arts Library 23rd May – 3rd June, 9am – 9pm Silent study
The Guild 16th May – 3rd June, 9am – 9pm Group and Quiet study
South Campus Teaching Hub 16th May – 3rd June, 9am – 9pm Group and Quiet study

Facilities available in the pop-up library spaces will include printing and photocopying, Wi-Fi, PC and laptop loans as well as having library staff on hand to assist with enquiries.

Several rooms in the Guild have also been opened for students to use for quiet revision including:

  • Elizabeth Gidney 1
  • McAustland
  • The Library
  • Ken Saro Wiwa
  • James E Brown
  • Guild PC Room

Extra support is available, particularly if you feel you are suffering from more than a bout of exam nerves. The following are some useful contact details for University support services which are all free and confidential to access:

University Counselling Service
0151 794 3304

Mental Health Advisory Service
0151 794 2320

Disability Support Team
0151 794 4174

General exam enquires
0151 794 6750

The Guild advice team is also on hand to offer support. Book an appointment by contacting 0151 794 6868 or email

Mitigating Circumstances

If you feel that your exams have been impacted by mitigating circumstances, such as ill health, then you should submit a mitigating circumstances claim to your departmental office as soon as possible. More information is available at:

Harry Anderson added: “Best of luck to everyone doing essays and exams. Remember to take regular breaks, get some sleep, eat properly and plan how you’re going to celebrate when you’re done!”

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