Published: 31 May 2016

Medical students knit for newborns

Hats for neonates

Two fourth year medical students have helped to make more than 200 hats and other clothes for newborn babies in Africa.

Medics Lucy Urbas and Michaela Jones started the craft project after working on placement in Banjul Hospital in The Gambia over the summer last year.

Commenting on the project, Lucy said: “When we were working out there, it struck us that there was a real lack of basics which, if they were available, would make a huge difference to the outcomes for patients. One of the most obvious was hats for newborn babies.

“Neonates lose a lot of heat through their heads, so having something as simple as a hat can save lives, especially in preterm babies.”

On arriving back in the UK the two students sprang into action organising a ‘Knitting for Neonates’ event in the Sydney Jones Library at the start of term.

Hats for neonates

More than 30 students, staff and their families got involved, making a total of 220 hats and other items of clothes which were shipped off to The Gambia late 2015.

And they are not finished yet.

Michaela added: “It won’t stop here. We intend to take more hats out with us to our placements this summer. I am going to a clinic in Guatemala, where I hope our handmade gifts will make a big difference to the patients.”

If you’d like to get involved in making hats for the next delivery to Guatemala, please contact Michaela on

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