Published: 21 June 2016

The EU Referendum – Use your vote


On Thursday, 23 June UK students will have the opportunity to vote on whether the UK should remain in the European Union.

University students make up a group of almost two million people that will play a decisive role in the outcome of this referendum.

Commenting on the referendum, Vice-Chancellor Professor Janet Beer, said: “The decision made on 23 June will have a long-lasting impact on all our futures, but it is young people who will live with the consequences for the longest. It is a once in a generation decision and we only get one opportunity to vote.

“Whatever your view, please mark 23 June in your diary and make sure you have your say by getting out to vote.”

For further information and help with the voting process please view the brief guide below or visit


Polling stations are open from 7am – 10pm on Thursday, 23 June 2016. Early mornings and the evening are likely to be busy times with people voting on the way to/from work, so you may want to consider voting outside of these times.


A lot of people will take their polling card with them to vote, but if you’ve misplaced your card or you forget to bring it on the day, you can still vote. You just need to know where your polling station is and give your name and address when you arrive.

If you are voting in Northern Ireland you will need to take photo ID.


The location of your polling station will be on your polling card which will be delivered to your registered address before polling day.

If you don’t have your polling card, don’t worry, you can still find out the location of your polling station through your local electoral registration office.

Click the link below, scroll down to the check the contact details of your local electoral registration office box, enter your postcode and then call the number provided. They will tell you the location of your polling station.

Postal vote

If you applied to vote by post, you will receive your ballot paper by post.  You will need to return it to your local area electoral office so it arrives by 10pm on Thursday 23 June 2016. It is advisable to post it as soon as you receive it as postal delivery timings can vary. If you are not able to post it in time, you can return it to your polling station (before 10pm on 23 June).


If you have registered to vote by proxy (allowing somebody you trust to vote on your behalf) make sure you remember to tell them which way you want to vote ahead of 23 June 2016.


Please phone 0800 3 280 280 or visit The website also includes details for both the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ campaigns.

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One thought on “The EU Referendum – Use your vote

  1. anon

    The in campaign is mainly based on the economy becoming worse off if we leave. Look at the strength of the Pound against the Euro over the last year and see what is happening yourself.

    Obama wants us to stay in too. Why? Look at the strength of the Pound against the US Dollar over the past year.

    The Pound looks set to be stronger globally if we leave the EU…

    Also, for those that don’t know what TTIP and CETA are. They are trade agreements in which companies can sue governments. Australia were in one with the USA and had to pay 30 million AUD, and that was just to cover the court fees that they won. TTIP is with the US, CETA is with Canada. TTIP hasnt yet been finalised. CETA has. Interetsed, do your own research. Canada have been rinsed by the US over the years with their trade agreement, and now they know how it works they have written their own (do your own research). Ironically, the USA, have never lost a case against their government.

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