Published: 15 September 2016

Additional library study space created

Sydney Jones Library

Additional study space will be created in the Sydney Jones and Harold Cohen Libraries following a project to relocate selected low-use materials to an external store.

The project will re-purpose store 1 of the Sydney Jones Library and the Lower Ground Floor of the Harold Cohen Library into additional study space by moving the store materials to a new external space called the ‘Brunswick Library Store’.

Increases in student numbers and changes in the way students use the library have led to surge in demand for additional study space in both libraries.

During the summer of 2014 the library managed to create an additional 500 study spaces – an increase of 25%. The project received extremely positive feedback which was reflected in an increased NSS score the following year.

Since then, library usage has gone up by an additional 23% at a time when student numbers have increased by 15%.

Commenting on the project, Head of Academic Liaison and Heritage Collections, Andrew Barker, said: “To ensure that we continue to have an appropriate number of study spaces, we have spent a great deal of time consulting with staff and students to explore the option of moving some selected low-use materials from the library stores to an appropriate off-site storage facility.

“This solution allows us to balance the ever increasing need for additional study space without any decline in the quality and breadth of the print resources held by the library for student and staff use.”

A twice-weekly retrieval service for material in the Brunswick Library Store is now in place and items can be requested using an online form available via the library catalogue.

Requests are processed on Tuesdays and Fridays and requests must be submitted by 9am on collection days. Requests made after that time will be processed with the next collection. Retrieved items can be collected from either the Sydney Jones or Harold Cohen libraries.

For further information please visit the dedicated FAQ page at: If you have any further queries or comments, please contact your Liaison Librarian, or Andrew Barker, Head of Academic Liaison and Heritage Collections.

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One thought on “Additional library study space created

  1. Richard

    The Sydney Jones Library is superb; and the staff are excellent, but I look forward to 24 hour opening soon, as the “in the 30mins the library’s closing” tannoyed announcement is possibly the loudest thing… EVER!!!

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