Published: 9 December 2016

The Guild are granting Christmas wishes: Submit your wish


If you could wish for anything, what would you ask for? Normally, that’s a hypothetical question. But this Christmas, thanks to the Guild, your wish could actually come true.

Until December 9 2016, the Guild are granting wishes to lucky students. If you want to ask the Guild elves for something special, all you need to do is tweet them @LiverpoolGuild using the hashtag #GuildWish.

This year the Guild have received lots of wishes, from a new trampoline and a hoodie to a gigantic teddy bear. Nearly 50 wishes have been granted so far, including LED Christmas sunglasses,  a pair of Misguided boots, a flask, an original screenplay of the Fantastic Beasts and two Busted tickets.

Curious about what wishes were submitted last year? You can see the entire wish list from 2015 here. Some of our favourite wishes include potato croquettes, rollerblades and a cut out of Alex Ferguson.


#GuildWish rules and instructions

– To submit a wish, tweet the Guild @LiverpoolGuild using the hashtag #GuildWish

– Only one of each wish will be granted

– Every student can submit one wish per day

– A student can only have one wish granted

– The Guild are good, but they’d like you to ask for realistic wishes (so maybe cross the invisibility cloak off of your list)

– If your wish is granted, the Guild will send you a message to let you know when you can collect your item

– The Guild insist you pose with your gift by their Christmas tree


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