Published: 12 December 2016

“I will not disappoint Liverpool”: Dr Aminu Musa Audu on graduating

Dr Aminu Musa Audu

Last week, Dr Aminu Musa Audu graduated from the University of Liverpool. In this piece, Dr Audu talks about his experience of the University and provides insight into his doctoral research, which is titled: ‘Community policing: Exploring the police and community relationship for crime control in Nigeria’.

Why I wanted to study at the University of Liverpool

“I am so delighted to witness and celebrate my graduation day in Liverpool. I would like to note that my doctoral research career in the United Kingdom was basically a child of necessity. There is perception of crime problems among citizens and other stakeholders in Nigeria. There are crime problems such as insurgency, armed robbery, kidnapping, corruption, domestic and other forms of violence. This situation has negatively impacted on the sense of security and community safety in the country.

“Consequently, everybody lives in fear and uncertainty in Nigeria. The environment has become chaotic, economic activities are also badly affected and have seen the whole scenario abysmally embarrassing to the system of governance in Nigeria. It was like everybody was confused.

“Despite that, the UK Department for International Development helped by initiating a community policing project in the area, crime problems continued to linger unabated, thereby putting the efficacy of this policing strategy in doubt.

“As a member of academic staff at the Department of Sociology Kogi State University in my home country of Nigeria, the desire to earn a research degree was rife, because this is part of the requirements to excel in the academic profession. But that was not the primary essence of engaging in research of this kind. There must be a fundamental problem to solve, and with a significant impact on the country and humanity.

“I thought the country cannot rely on prayers alone to find solution to security concern, it is time for action, by taking the policing and security architecture of the country to the next level of development, achievable through adequate and relevant production of knowledge in that area.”

My time at the University

“It was a dream come true when I gained a place at the University of Liverpool – a research-led, Russell Group university in Britain. My doctoral research entitled: ‘Community policing: Exploring the police and community relationship for crime control in Nigeria’ conducted under supervision of Professor Sandra Walklate and Dr Lynn Hancock, is the first of its kind.

“The time has now come to put recommendations into implementation by engaging in advocacy with the public on community policing in Nigeria. For instance, I have received an invite to present my research paper entitled ‘Where else can we live in peace? Boko Haram Insurgency, Community Policing and Community Safety in Nigeria’ at the April, 2017 Annual General Meeting of the British Sociological Association in Manchester UK.

“Again, during my time as doctoral student in Liverpool, I contributed much to the wider University community. I offered lectures to the BA Criminology and Security Studies students and as an Academic Tutor. I served as a member to the School Board, School of Law, and Social Justice (representing the postgraduate students). I was president to the Hall Student Committee at Mulberry Court, as well as the PGR Rep in my department and I was a delegate at the Guilds Summit.

“Furthermore, I have also served on the Board of Governors at Smithdown Primary School UK, where I have selflessly contributed towards enhancing the lots of children and young people and have received Achievement Awards for voluntary contributions to the economic development of the Liverpool City Region and in support of the UK International Festival for Business. I have gained skills and experiences that really add value to the cause of humanity.

“I hugely appreciate the management of Kogi State University and TETFUND Nigeria for giving me the funding and other home support. I am grateful to the academic community in the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, the School of Law and Social Justice, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the University of Liverpool and the wider community in Liverpool for the opportunity given me to fulfil my dream.

“I am confident that Liverpool has sufficiently prepared me as a global citizen to positively change the world. My promise is that I will not disappoint Liverpool!”

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31 thoughts on ““I will not disappoint Liverpool”: Dr Aminu Musa Audu on graduating

  1. Abubakar M Adamu

    We are proud of yur achievement and waiting for yur return to implement yur knowledge in the area of yur skill, bravo

  2. Atokolo Onalo

    There can be no better time to have this kind of research work than now that Nigeria is struggling with so many security issues as you mentioned. This work, unlike other research works that are majorly theoretical and only stop on library shelving, requires huge advocacies to truly fulfill its purpose. We can only pledge continuous support in this regard until the dream of proper policing of our Nation is achieved.

  3. Achimugu Abubakar

    To God be the glory, Dr. Aminu, I’m proud to see you excelling to the greater height…. Sky is your starting point…. Cheers

  4. Hafsat Hussaini

    Dr Aminu, well done. You have indeed demonstrated your love for knowledge and your country Nigeria. Truly, everybody seemed to have lost hope in relying on community policing as a policing strategy to curb crime in Nigeria. Since its initiative in Nigeria, crime problems have gone even worse than ever. This research will certainly impact positively on the country’s curiosity to achieve security and community safety in the context of community policing policy and practice. I am confident that the necessary support would be made available to enable you succeed in the task of taking this revolutionary idea of community policing to the next level of development through public engagements in Nigeria. In fact, given your academic and moral pedigree over the years I have no doubt in your ability. Congratulations!!

    1. Dr Aminu Musa Audu

      @Dr Ogbo Usman. With all sense of responsibility, I confidently lay claim to being a ‘home boy’. I am an ardent home person. Together we shall make our home conducive for socio-economic prosperity. Cheers!!

  5. ONOJA A. D. O

    Congratulations as I am praying you will get the needed supports to put the researched work into play as a panacea for crimes control in the Nigeria.

    1. Dr Aminu Musa Audu

      @Onoja A. D. O. Many thanks for the compliments and prayers!!! Obviously, together we shall build our nation-Nigeria where peace and tranquillity shall reign supreme. Cheers!!!

  6. Dr. Hassan Achimugu

    Dr. Aminu Audu, your research strides no doubt is a huge contribution to peaceceful coexistence and the socio economic development of Nigeria. Very many thanks for being no less than a worthy ambassador. I pray God grants you life and opportunity to practically deploy your knowledge and skills toward the repositioning of our great but challenged nation. Congratulations!

    1. Aminu Musa Audu

      @Dr Hassan Achimugu…well done. The struggle to achieve security and peace in Nigeria is a must, as a matter of responsibility. No sacrifice will be too much in that regard.

  7. Comrade Sani Muhammad

    My massive congratulations to Dr Aminu Musa Audu for his successful graduation, his ground-breaking and hugely impactful research and scholarship about community policing in Nigeria at the University of Liverpool United Kingdom. This research no doubt is timely, sensitive, important, policy-driven, unique and of direct bearing to the security and peace in Nigeria that called for celebration. This is more evident given the precarious situation arising from kidnapping of the loved ones, numerous incidence of domestic violence, Boko Haram insurgency and terrorism, armed robbery, and communal crisis in the country. Corruption as a form of crime is almost bringing the country to her knees. Yes, when we were told in 2002/3 that UK-DFID community policing initiative was being put to practice in the country, there was a sign of relief. Thereafter, its efficacy has been in doubt because crime situation has not improved. Notably, everybody is afraid sleeping freely at home because of crime problem in Nigeria. However, with Dr Aminu’s discovery in this area at far away Russel Group University in the UK, I’m confident that all hope is not lost. My prayer is that Dr Aminu’s public engagement plans receive sufficient financial and logistic supports of the government, international community, and all other stakeholders of peace movements and security worldwide to enable this scholar to succeed.
    For those of us who were privileged to know Dr Aminu from his childhood years, his successes, and selfless contributions to the cause of humanity are by no means accidental. Dr Aminu in his natural selfless realm, has been in the centre of serving humanity. He was the best pupil throughout his primary school days at Ugwoda of Idah and was a moral standard bearer to many of us around him. All his teachers loved him dearly because of his academic prowess and exemplary conduct, having served meritoriously as Time Keeper. I would like to put on record that towards the end of Aminu’s educational career in 1985, Aminu’s class six teacher Mr James Emeh voluntarily and in his own volition paid an unscheduled visit to his parents. He told Aminu’s parents that he had conducted an independent investigation about familial realities of his pupil Aminu, which by his findings might not favour his enrolment to secondary school on time on basis of financial constraits. In the light of this conviction, he has come to sell the idea to the guardians on the urgent need to ensure that Aminu was enrolled immediately after his primary education. Mr James Emeh categorically told a gathering that comprised of Aminu’s late maternal ground parents-Mallam Alfa Musa and Titi Idachaba, Aminu’s late parents-Mallam Musa Audu Alhassan(father) and Fatima(mother) and other relatives that Aminu was too intelligent to be kept at home without proceeding onwards in his educational pursuit in good time. He advised that the parents had the moral duty to strive hard and invest in education of this amiable talented boy. Hence, three months later in September 1985, Aminu was already in secondary school at Idah.
    During his days as students of Idah Secondary Commercial College Idah, he also left behind a mark worthy of emulation. He was a Time Keeper and member of the Student Disciplinary Committee. Again, as undergraduate student at the University of Ilorin Nigeria, he impacted positively on the experience of his fellow students and colleagues. He did it through his activities as president of the National Association of Kogi State Students and later as president of Senate of the Association of Business and Social Sciences Students. While serving humanity in that capacity far away at Ilorin, Aminu came home to Idah in the context of principled and morally guided activism and founded Ugwoda Ward Youth Central Forum in 1998/1999, uniting the rural youths cutting across communities under Ugwoda Ward. On this platform, meetings, rural sensitisations of youths in favour of more educational enrolments, poverty alleviations and strong advocacies for social justice, human rights, communal peace and security and many other development activities were achieved. Even as an Administrative officer /Personal Assistant to the Executive Chairman in Idah Local Government Council, he was a source of inspiration to his peers. And as an officer on secondment to the National Population Commission/UNICEF assisted program in Idah, he was outstanding in his community development roles. Aminu does not give premium to financial consideration when into what would certainly benefit his fellows. Aminu is a personality of a kind that would like to better the lots of his people. We have had records of awards and commendations many organisations pouring on Dr Aminu Musa Audu during his doctoral research career at the University of Liverpool. I think that a discovery of this selfless and outstanding traits in him that led to his recent elections as Public Governor (representing the rest of England and Wales) to the Council of Governors of the Liverpool Women NHS Foundation Trust/NHS Non-Executive Director as well as the Trustee/Director of Membership Services and events to the Board of Trustees of the prestigious British Sociological Association in Britain. I foresee greatness here as Dr Aminu might be on his way to achieve Nobel Prize in the light of his untiring effort to serve humanity as reflective of his people-centred research and the individual and institutional recognitions and celebrations of this rare feat.

  8. Haneefah

    My name is Haneefah Audu, the daughter of Aminu Musa Audu. My father is one of the most inspiring persons I have ever seen. He is very resilient and hardworking. It doesn’t matter if he came from a humble background, all that matters are that he never gave up and look where he is now. The man I call my father is a very loving and dutiful person. I always learn from his life and experiences. He tells me about all his struggles he had in life and his success. He teaches me the value of time in life and says that if one wastes time it could ruin your future. I love my dad so much and today is the day he knows that all his hard work and time he had put into his studies had finally paid off. Today Dr Aminu Musa Audu graduated with a PhD in Sociology at the University of Liverpool. I really want to live up to my dad’s expectations. My dad is my hero. He is always the pillar of strength for the family. My sisters and I look up to him very much. Today the highlight of my year because my dad graduated. I have been looking forward to this day since my dad used every bit of money he had to bring my sisters and I to England. I also wouldn’t be here without my mom. My mom (Hafsat Hussein-Audu) is a caring, loving and unyielding woman. She keeps the family together through our difficulties alongside my dad. They sacrificed a lot for us to be here and without them I would not be studying in a school in England. Who would have thought I, Haneefah Audu (13-year-old) would be here; even I had only wished for it to happen. My dream came and all because of my amazing mum and my one and only dad. He is an intelligent, polite, and gentle man who takes care for not only himself but for everyone around him. He wants to make me a good person in life and most importantly a successful person by following all the etiquettes, humanity, and ethics in life. He is a person who always helps the needy people in society or anywhere on the way. Although he may have little he tries to give as much as he can. My dad is my hero and my best friend. I therefore congratulate him for this day.

    A poem by Haneefah Audu

    A man I call my dad
    He always expresses his love
    He never looks for praises
    He’s never one to boast
    For those he loves the most
    His wants are very few
    And I would wonder
    How did I get so lucky to have
    A man I call my dad.

    When I was a baby
    He would hold me in his arms
    I felt the love and tenderness
    I would look up into his eyes
    And I would wonder
    How did I get so lucky to have
    A man I call my dad.

    He would protect me from harm
    He puts his family first
    I’d touch his soft cheeks
    And I would wonder
    I would wonder
    How did I get so lucky to have
    A man I call a dad.

    He would work day to day
    Many sleepless nights
    Just so to provide for us
    Oh what a loving man
    I would wonder
    How did I get so lucky to have
    A man I call my dad

    His laugh is a breath of fresh air
    His smile just brightens my day
    His eyes twinkles in the daylight
    And I would wonder
    How did I get so lucky to have
    A man I call my dad
    A man I call my father.

  9. Aisha

    My name is Aisha Audu, I am 12 year old and I have the most intelligent dad in the world, he works hard and he never gives up. My dad is an idol for my sisters and I: We look up to him very much because we want to be more successful in the future than him. My mum is his biggest supporter, she encourages him to do more of his work. My dad helps me to do my homework by correcting my punctuation and spelling; I always got it right since he started helping me.

    On my dad’s graduation day, he was so excited to get what he had worked for years. My mum was so happy that she even threw a party for him to congratulate him; it was his special moment

    A poem by AISHA AUDU

    Love of my dad

    My dad is the one to dream of
    He has his magic to get me out of trouble
    My dad is my closest friend
    He cannot be replaced by a double
    My dad never hurts me instead he makes me smile
    It’s hard to think of him when he is at work
    I love him because he understands
    I love all the happy and good times we had together
    Here is to my amazing dad (Aminu Musa Audu)

  10. Fatima

    A poem for my dad!!!
    As a girl of seven-year-old
    I Fatima call you Dad
    But your name is Aminu Musa Audu

    Your beautiful hugs
    Your graceful words
    It makes me happy
    And it never hurts

    But when am filling sad
    You try to make me happy
    But instead you make me
    Laugh !!
    I congratulate you on this special day
    As you graduate as a doctor of sociology
    In England
    An amazing achievement indeed

  11. Hajara Hussaini

    Splendid to wonderful children of Dr Aminu Musa Audu. Am some proud of all. KUDOS!

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