Published: 12 December 2016

“I will not disappoint Liverpool”: Dr Aminu Musa Audu on graduating

Dr Aminu Musa Audu

Last week, Dr Aminu Musa Audu graduated from the University of Liverpool. In this piece, Dr Audu talks about his experience of the University and provides insight into his doctoral research, which is titled: ‘Community policing: Exploring the police and community relationship for crime control in Nigeria’.

Why I wanted to study at the University of Liverpool

“I am so delighted to witness and celebrate my graduation day in Liverpool. I would like to note that my doctoral research career in the United Kingdom was basically a child of necessity. There is perception of crime problems among citizens and other stakeholders in Nigeria. There are crime problems such as insurgency, armed robbery, kidnapping, corruption, domestic and other forms of violence. This situation has negatively impacted on the sense of security and community safety in the country.

“Consequently, everybody lives in fear and uncertainty in Nigeria. The environment has become chaotic, economic activities are also badly affected and have seen the whole scenario abysmally embarrassing to the system of governance in Nigeria. It was like everybody was confused.

“Despite that, the UK Department for International Development helped by initiating a community policing project in the area, crime problems continued to linger unabated, thereby putting the efficacy of this policing strategy in doubt.

“As a member of academic staff at the Department of Sociology Kogi State University in my home country of Nigeria, the desire to earn a research degree was rife, because this is part of the requirements to excel in the academic profession. But that was not the primary essence of engaging in research of this kind. There must be a fundamental problem to solve, and with a significant impact on the country and humanity.

“I thought the country cannot rely on prayers alone to find solution to security concern, it is time for action, by taking the policing and security architecture of the country to the next level of development, achievable through adequate and relevant production of knowledge in that area.”

My time at the University

“It was a dream come true when I gained a place at the University of Liverpool – a research-led, Russell Group university in Britain. My doctoral research entitled: ‘Community policing: Exploring the police and community relationship for crime control in Nigeria’ conducted under supervision of Professor Sandra Walklate and Dr Lynn Hancock, is the first of its kind.

“The time has now come to put recommendations into implementation by engaging in advocacy with the public on community policing in Nigeria. For instance, I have received an invite to present my research paper entitled ‘Where else can we live in peace? Boko Haram Insurgency, Community Policing and Community Safety in Nigeria’ at the April, 2017 Annual General Meeting of the British Sociological Association in Manchester UK.

“Again, during my time as doctoral student in Liverpool, I contributed much to the wider University community. I offered lectures to the BA Criminology and Security Studies students and as an Academic Tutor. I served as a member to the School Board, School of Law, and Social Justice (representing the postgraduate students). I was president to the Hall Student Committee at Mulberry Court, as well as the PGR Rep in my department and I was a delegate at the Guilds Summit.

“Furthermore, I have also served on the Board of Governors at Smithdown Primary School UK, where I have selflessly contributed towards enhancing the lots of children and young people and have received Achievement Awards for voluntary contributions to the economic development of the Liverpool City Region and in support of the UK International Festival for Business. I have gained skills and experiences that really add value to the cause of humanity.

“I hugely appreciate the management of Kogi State University and TETFUND Nigeria for giving me the funding and other home support. I am grateful to the academic community in the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, the School of Law and Social Justice, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the University of Liverpool and the wider community in Liverpool for the opportunity given me to fulfil my dream.

“I am confident that Liverpool has sufficiently prepared me as a global citizen to positively change the world. My promise is that I will not disappoint Liverpool!”

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20 thoughts on ““I will not disappoint Liverpool”: Dr Aminu Musa Audu on graduating

  1. Abubakar M Adamu

    We are proud of yur achievement and waiting for yur return to implement yur knowledge in the area of yur skill, bravo

  2. Atokolo Onalo

    There can be no better time to have this kind of research work than now that Nigeria is struggling with so many security issues as you mentioned. This work, unlike other research works that are majorly theoretical and only stop on library shelving, requires huge advocacies to truly fulfill its purpose. We can only pledge continuous support in this regard until the dream of proper policing of our Nation is achieved.

  3. Achimugu Abubakar

    To God be the glory, Dr. Aminu, I’m proud to see you excelling to the greater height…. Sky is your starting point…. Cheers

  4. Hafsat Hussaini

    Dr Aminu, well done. You have indeed demonstrated your love for knowledge and your country Nigeria. Truly, everybody seemed to have lost hope in relying on community policing as a policing strategy to curb crime in Nigeria. Since its initiative in Nigeria, crime problems have gone even worse than ever. This research will certainly impact positively on the country’s curiosity to achieve security and community safety in the context of community policing policy and practice. I am confident that the necessary support would be made available to enable you succeed in the task of taking this revolutionary idea of community policing to the next level of development through public engagements in Nigeria. In fact, given your academic and moral pedigree over the years I have no doubt in your ability. Congratulations!!

    1. Dr Aminu Musa Audu

      @Dr Ogbo Usman. With all sense of responsibility, I confidently lay claim to being a ‘home boy’. I am an ardent home person. Together we shall make our home conducive for socio-economic prosperity. Cheers!!

  5. ONOJA A. D. O

    Congratulations as I am praying you will get the needed supports to put the researched work into play as a panacea for crimes control in the Nigeria.

    1. Dr Aminu Musa Audu

      @Onoja A. D. O. Many thanks for the compliments and prayers!!! Obviously, together we shall build our nation-Nigeria where peace and tranquillity shall reign supreme. Cheers!!!


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