Published: 3 May 2017

General Election 2017: Register to vote


To have your say in the next General Election, register to vote via the government website.

To be eligible to vote, you need to register by Monday, 22 May. The form only takes five minutes to complete.

If you have a permanent home address and a term-time address, you can register at both addresses. However, although you can be registered at both addresses, you must only vote once in the election. For more information, please visit the Your Vote Matters website.

Stuart Wilks-Heeg, Head of Politics, said: “Elections are central to the democratic process. The results they produce can only ever fully reflect the views of society as a whole if levels of participation are equally high across all social groups. But, at recent elections, young people have been far less likely to vote than any other social group. Many young voters fall at the first hurdle – they are not even registered to vote.

“The good news is that the option to register to vote online, introduced in the last few years, has made the process quick and easy. And if you are going to be away on election day, you can apply to vote by post or proxy. Don’t wake up on election day regretting that you didn’t register to vote!”

The election is taking place on Thursday, 8 June. To vote, complete the form on the Register to Vote webpage.

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