Published: 22 June 2017

Teaching Excellence Framework – ratings announced

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The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has published its first Gold, Silver and Bronze ratings for higher education institutions as part of the new Teaching Excellence Framework. The University of Liverpool has received a Bronze rating.

The ratings are based partly on an analysis of publicly available data about students’ reported experience of their time at university, graduate outcomes and non-continuation rates.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Janet Beer, said: “Staff throughout our University are working hard to enable our students to have a great experience here and go on to achieve success in their chosen fields. In that context the Bronze rating awarded to the University is of course disappointing.

“There is much to celebrate about our University, which is consistently named in the top 200 globally. Our graduates remain amongst the brightest and the best, with the latest data published only last week showing their earnings are in the top quartile nationally, despite geographic disadvantages, and also comparing very favourably with other North West institutions.

“We also have many other attributes – which aren’t reflected in the TEF – that continue to make the University a popular choice for students, including access for people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to go to university.

“The TEF itself is the subject of much debate and will be subject to an independent review over the next few years. There are particular concerns about how the complex assessment process works and how this affects the rating of institutions like ours, with some results that many people will find surprising.

“Nonetheless, we’re committed to improving against the measures used in the TEF and building on the improvement in student satisfaction we’ve seen over each of the last three years. We’ll continue to invest heavily in improving teaching, facilities and the extra-curricular activities on offer here to offer a world-class university experience in a world-class city.”

The Government says the TEF will help to inform students’ choices about where to study, as well as raising the profile of good teaching and, in turn, encouraging institutions to better meet the needs of employers. It is proposed that performance in the TEF will be linked to institutions’ ability to increase tuition fees from 2020 onwards, before which it will be subject to an independent review.

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2 thoughts on “Teaching Excellence Framework – ratings announced

  1. Khaled Alwassia, UOL MBA Graduate

    A statement in the best British political traditions. Totally focused on a deflection from main facts of the low score, intruding irrelevant points (here other evaluation criteria) to dilute the critical shortfalls and the fact that other institutions actually reached the gold standard. The lowest grade is in line with all student comments I heard over the last three years as well as my own experiences. I submitted well-evidenced instructor shortfalls like non-replying to time sensitive inquiries, low-quality learning material, ill prepared instructors, derogative attitude and language, Instructors low level of English language skill and it still took 18 and a highly tenacious attitude to get a quality reply from the management of the program. Management still rejected the existence of any shortfall or the need to improve.
    So please allow me to say that the above statement is very little but a failed attempt to buy time and hope that attention wades. What Vice-Chancellor, Professor Janet Beer, like UOL management and faculty forget, is that in today’s world with constantly rising study cost and emergence of new institutes, highly entrepreneurial University Deans, students must be considered as paying customers and as such all topics taught in the many management, marketing and sales programs fully apply. Unfortunately, UOL management and faculty have not come around to accept this new reality in which they operate.
    Now consider that I am graduating with distinction from UOL, so am considered a successful student, but state that this achievement is despite the detrimental learning support I received.

    My marketing class thought that not listening to customers will eventually lead to involuntary exiting the market. The question is what will UOL future hold if its leadership does not learn to listen to its customers?

    1. Francesca (Administrator) Post author

      Thank you for getting in touch and for raising these points with us. We’re sorry to hear this about your experience. Student feedback is hugely important to us and we try to offer students as many feedback mechanisms as possible throughout the year, from our Give feedback form ( to the National Student Survey, Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey and the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey. We value the feedback we receive from these and other mechanisms, and the information gathered through them is used to inform our future investments and plans. Some of the improvements we have made based on student feedback can be seen on our Your student feedback webpage ( If you could send us some more details about the feedback you submitted, including the mechanism you used to report these issues, we can look into the specific issues you have raised (

      We understand from your feedback that you feel the article isn’t direct enough. The purpose of the article is to inform students about the result, to explain the benchmarking (which is unique to the TEF and the main factor in why the rankings look so different to any others) and to assure readers that the University is dedicated to continuing to improve against the measures used within the TEF. Naturally we are disappointed with the outcome, however we also feel it is important to highlight that we have evidence of success outside of this measure and a long-term commitment to further progress.

      If you would like to speak in further detail about any of the points raised here, please feel free to contact us:

      Also, congratulations on graduating with a distinction. If you are taking part in this summer’s graduation ceremonies, we hope you enjoy the celebration.

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