Published: 4 October 2017

Love in the Library – photos of students’ Library wedding shoot

Piwei Cai and Chuchu Zhang

Piwei Cai and Chuchu Zhang, two of our former students, recently took their bridal photos in the very location where they first met – the Sydney Jones Library.

Speaking about the photoshoot, University Librarian Phil Sykes said: “People seem surprised that Piwei and Chuchu met and fell in love in the Library. But libraries are places of infinite possibility. Anything can happen.”

The Library team spoke with Piwei and Chuchu to find out more about the couple’s relationship. Here’s what the romantic pair had to say:

Is there any special memory about your time together at Liverpool that you will never forget?

Chuchu: “When I first came into the University Library I didn’t know how to use the printer. PIWEI CAI was there and I asked him to help me. This is how we met, he explained how I should operate the printer”.

Piwei: “I took a long time explaining how to use the printer.” (Both laugh).

When did you get married?

Chuchu:  “We are getting married at the end of the year, it is a tradition in China a bit different from western countries, in China, the bridal photos are taken before the wedding, so that is why we contacted our Alma Mater to ask if we could have our bridal photographs taken at the University where we met.”

Why did you choose to study at Liverpool?

Piwei: “When I was a child I watched a football match on the television, it was Liverpool Football Club that were playing, watching Liverpool Football Club inspired me to come to Liverpool. Also the city is very safe and it has a long musical history.”

Chuchu:  “Because I know Liverpool is a fantastic city. It has a long history and it is very interesting because of the Beatles and the football.”

What did you study whilst you were at Liverpool?

Piwei: “I studied Mathematics.”

Chuchu: “I studied the MSc Operation and Supply Chain Management.”

What are your plans for the future?

Piwei: “We have made a promise to each other to come back to the UK every year, this is our first year back, which was why we wanted to have our photographs taken in the Library.”

If you could describe your partner in one word what would that be?

Chuchu:  “He is very reliable.”

Piwei: “I need more than one word…She is beautiful and very important to me.”

If your spouse could have a superhero power, what would that be?

Chuchu:  “I would like him to be a time traveller, so we have more time together.”

Piwei: “She would be even more powerful than she is now.”

Piwei Cai and Chuchu Zhang

Piwei Cai and Chuchu Zhang

Piwei Cai and Chuchu Zhang

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17 thoughts on “Love in the Library – photos of students’ Library wedding shoot

  1. Lorraine Sandham

    What a lovely story to tell their grandchildren. I was in the library as the photos were being taken, the couple looked so happy, and seeing them brought a smile to my face. I wish them all the very best wishes and joy and happiness for their future together.

  2. Jules

    I also met my husband at Liverpool University and we recently celebrated our thirty fifth Wedding Anniversary! Good Luck to Chuchu and Piwei for a lifetime of happiness together!

  3. Dunoi

    Haha, one of the beautiful benefits of schooling in UOL. I wish you both a blissful andhappy married life

  4. Dr Prapaipuk Mottram

    We wish them a happiness and a long marriage life as both of us are having. We also met, fell in love and married when we were post- grad students at the university in 1975, 42 years on and is still going strong.

  5. Karen McAllister

    When I first started my course in Irish Studies I was in awe of the fantastic material I could access in the Sydney Jones library and think it would make a great meeting place for a couple.
    Good luck for your future. I hope you will have a long and happy marriage.

  6. Dr YACUB Ahmed

    Liverpool is where things unimaginable happen. It’s a place my life changed for better. Viva Liverpool !!

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