Published: 7 December 2017

Enactus Liverpool wins innovation award


The University’s Enactus Team has won an innovation award as part of the 2017 ‘Spirit of Enactus’ awards. 

Enactus Liverpool is a society of students with the aim of coming up with innovative solutions to problems within society.  It is also part of a wider community, Enactus UK, which is an international, non-profit organisation that brings together students, academics and business leaders who are committed to using entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. 

The ‘Spirit of Enactus’ awards are split into four main categories that embody each of the organisation’s values: innovation, integrity, collaboration and passion. 

Enactus Liverpool won the award for innovation following the creative ways it promoted the society on campus in order to recruit new members.  The group obtained over 200 sign ups in freshers’ week alone and the committee worked tirelessly over the summer to plan a project showcase and hackathon. 

Members of the society are ecstatic that their hard work has paid off and are excited for the future.

Eiman Raza, President of Enactus Liverpool said: “I’m so proud of my team and their never-ending commitment to continuously progress and improve the society. Getting this award is just another push for us to keep striving and keep producing results to help our local community even further.”

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