Published: 11 June 2018

Litter enforcement officers in Liverpool


Litter enforcement officers have been present across Liverpool city centre and on campus in recent weeks and students are being reminded to make sure litter is disposed of sensibly.

The officers, from Kingdom Enforcement, are working on behalf of Liverpool City Council, and are patrolling right across the city. They are permitted to issue fixed penalty notices (FPN) on public as well as private land.

It is an offence to drop litter and the Council Leaders are fully supportive of the operatives, who have been tasked with improving the landscape by issuing FPNs for offences including general littering, discarding of cigarette ends and dog fouling.

Bins are located right across the campus both within buildings and outside. If you are caught committing an offence you will be asked to provide your details to the enforcement officers. Failure to do this could result in police involvement and criminal prosecution. If you are approached by an enforcement officer on campus for dropping litter you are required to reasonably assist them.

Kingdom Environmental Enforcement officers are in dark uniforms and will target areas where people are most likely to litter, such as close to shops and entrances to buildings.

If you feel intimidated or feel the officer has acted inappropriately, please obtain the officers details and call Campus Support on 0151 794 3252.

Further information can be found on the Kingdom Environment Protection Services website.

To view a full list of the offences a FPN can be issued for, please visit:


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One thought on “Litter enforcement officers in Liverpool

  1. Darren

    There was a massive pile of rubbish by Tesco, dropped by genuine litter louts. A car with two obviously foreign (Arabic) guys turned up while two Kingdom officers watched. The guys took litter from their car and put it all carefully in the litter bin along with some litter that wasn’t even theirs. The mistake they made was that they then smoked a cigarette together and were each fined by the Kingdom operatives. I explained that I believed this was unfair and that because the two guys had stopped to put a load of rubbish in the bin, maybe some discretion should be demonstrated. Instead the Kingdom guy threatened me with obstruction. I made sure he knew that I knew the limits of his powers and he backed down. I told them I understood they had a job to do but that the company methodology made it just that, a job, and not a genuine solution to the litter problem.

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