Published: 18 September 2018

7 student safety tips


Although Liverpool is rated amongst the safest cities in the UK, it’s still wise to take steps to make sure you are safe at home and whilst out and about. To help keep you safe this autumn Campus Support Services and Student Welfare Advice and Guidance wanted to share the following top student safety tips:

  1. Protect your valuables – keep them out of sight in your home, and whilst out and about. Don’t leave laptops, tablets or phones unattended, even in the library. Be vigilant when using your phone when out and about; only use it for calls if necessary. Try to keep your phone out of sight.
  2. Register your possessions for free with Immobilise, the national property register, to improve the chances of getting them back in the event of theft.
  3. Be vigilant when using cash machines – protect your PIN, avoid the need to use a cash machine late at night and if you have been drinking. If you do need to withdraw cash late at night use a machine in a well-lit area and stay with friends.
  4. Be aware of strangers asking for money. There are many organisations in Liverpool who can help vulnerable people, you shouldn’t hand over money.  If you are concerned on campus please direct the person to Campus Support on Bedford Street, opposite the Sports Centre.  If you feel threatened call the team on 0151 794 2222 (in an emergency), 0151 794 3252 (non-emergency) and ask for assistance.
  5. Travel sensibly – listening with headphones or talking on the phone while out and about reduces your awareness of what’s around you. At night – travel home with friends or in a reputable, licenced taxi – remember, there is safety in numbers. If you do walk home, try to stick to main roads and avoid poorly lit areas including alleyways.
  6. Drink responsibly. You are far more vulnerable when you are drunk, especially if you are on your own. Try and stay with a group of friends. Eat before you go out, and try to alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks. Never leave your drink unattended.
  7. Look after your mental health – Your mental health is as important as your physical health and it is important to seek help if you feel stressed, depressed or vulnerable. There are lots of support services and resources available including: the University Counselling Service; the Mental Health Advisory Service; SilverCloud free online self-help modules; Big White Wall, which is an online mental health and wellbeing service providing 24/7 online peer and professional support with trained counsellors; Bibliotherapy resources; a Relaxation Programme; and regular groups and workshops run by the Counselling Service. A list of other support networks you can access can be found on our Counselling Service webpages here. If you or anyone else is in immediate danger, please call the police or ambulance service on 999.


If you would like more information or if you need support during your time with us, the following services might be able to help:

  • We offer single Advice and Counselling drop-in sessions between 11am-1pm every weekday in the Alsop building. During September, an additional afternoon session will also run from 2pm-3:30pm. The sessions are staffed by the Advice and Guidance team, our Counselling Service and our Mental Health Advisers. If you need some advice or support about welfare or wellbeing, please come along to a drop-in session. You don’t need to book. Simply turn up at the Alsop building and go to the Student Welfare Advice and Guidance reception.
  • Merseyside Police have information on staying safe.
  • Liverpool Student Homes have information about keeping your home safe and secure. Liverpool Student Homes (LSH) is the only official University service that can support you in finding accommodation during your time studying with us. Liverpool Student Homes advertise the largest choice of private student accommodation in Liverpool and is dedicated to helping you through this journey. They also have information about keeping your home safe and secure.
  • Campus Support Services operates to ensure a safe and secure crime-free environment within the University community, through the provision of a proactive and vigilant Campus Support team. They offer a 24/7 chaperone service where we would be happy to escort any student, staff or visitor around the University campus to ensure that they feel safe whilst on our site. To request this service, please contact the control room on 0151 794 3252.
  • Student Welfare Advice and Guidance is a confidential service to provide help and support to students. To help students feel safe and supported, when Campus Support are called to assist a student, they send a report to Student Welfare Advice and Guidance. A member of the Advice and Guidance team will then get in touch with you via your University email account about support, usually the next working day. You can follow them on Twitter @livuniSWAG.


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